Friday, April 05, 2019

Birthday Celebration and Las Vegas Wedding

Last weekend we flew to Las Vegas on a Friday to visit my husband's parents and attend a good friend's wedding on Saturday.

After we landed, his parents picked us up from the airport and we drove to Fremont Street. There's one of several new (to us) restaurants my husband suggested we go to as a late celebration of my birthday called Downtown Terrace located in the Downtown Container Park. If you haven't been to the Container Park in Las Vegas, it is a really neat place!

We LOVE it when we get to see John and Maggie!!
Downtown Terrace is not too big a place. The outdoor seats and window seats were all taken so we opt to sit at the bar (it's nice to chat with the bartenders anyway).

If you look at the menu, $16 for bottomless drinks is a GREAT deal (all day, every day with the order of an entree). The Bloody Mary is probably one of the most flavorful, spicy ones I've ever had at a bar. And the Bellinis are made with fresh peach puree and Peach Schnapps. SO, SO good!
As for the food, we had Shrimp Diablo, Shrimp Salads and a burger. All were delicious! We would go go back and eat there again.

Afterwards we lounged by the pool to soak in some sun. Most people would say I have a 'tan' but I really needed a tan. The winters in Reno are a full season and sometimes it feels longer. It seems we can never get enough sun in the high desert. So we take every opportunity to bake when we can! And we can never get enough time by the pool, either. Before we knew it, the sun had set and it was time for dinner.

Ooh ... the FOOD!! My mom-in-law is THE BEST! She knows I love appetizers as opposed to eating full meal and she made Bourbon Slushie (drink), her famous deviled eggs, crudites, the best stuffed jalapeno peppers, and the tastiest chicken wings. I could eat all of it again, just thinking about it.

Then I opened gifts from John, Maggie, Grandma and aunt Jan. I got the neatest card quilling card of a bicycle, gas range diffuser (because whenever I cook it always boils over or I overcook things. Okay, now I won't have an excuse.), the cutest yellow sandals by Kate Spade, and a red t-shirt of a dog riding a bicycle with a cat. The caption says, "Unlimited Pawsabilities" which I thought was quite clever. It was the cutest t-shirt. And also a super stylish blouse that ties at the waste - I can't wait to wear that too and I say this through clenched teeth ... as soon as the weather warms up!

My mom-in-law made me this cake ... I still fantasize about it because it is so dense and moist. I LOVED IT!! And got to bring home what was left. I'm not a desert person except for when the desert is Maggie's.

The next day John and his dad went to look at cars while the girls laid by the pool. It was cooler, but I didn't care as long as the sun was shining and I got to hang with my mom-in-law. I made Bloody Beers to drink (it's a Bloody Mary but made with beer instead of vodka and is refreshing on a hot day).
Then it was time to get ready for the wedding! So here we are all dressed up (before I put on my heels).
The wedding ceremony was the Boulder City Golf Club and the day could not have been more perfect. We were so happy to see these two tie the knot (finally). He was the best man at our wedding nearly 13 years ago. After he and his wife divorced, he met this wonderful lady and they dated for a very long time before saying "I do".

 The reception was at their friends' home on the golf course in the back yard. It was SO NICELY done and intimate. I wish I had taken more photos. There was a host bar, the caterer served street tacos, and desert from Nothing Bundt Cake.

What a nice wedding it was. The next day after breakfast, we went walking in the Lake Mead Recreational Area. There's a paved path for non-motorized use that we took from the neighborhood. The VIEWS are just incredible and desert flowers started to bloom.

Nice day, and nice weekend with family and friends!! That's what life is about, isn't it? So it was tough to leave. But what we had to look forward to seeing at home are our two girls so it's never a bad thing to come home.
LAS to Reno

Truckee River in Reno, NV