Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bike Dinner Date

It has been a while since John and I rode our bikes together so we decided to ride to dinner. We were almost at our destination, John noticed a new restaurant that recently opened its doors called Morgan's Lobster Shack and Fish Market. We decided to give them a try.

 After we were seated, we had a cocktail. John started with whiskey and soda; I had a Moscow Mule (my new favorite drink these days). Dinner was a California Lobster Roll (for John) and homemade clam chowder with a glass of Chardonnay. It was so good! And I ordered Halibut, grilled with a side of sauces of my choosing (Italian tapenade, chili-lime and an Asian inspired sauce that was delicious) served over fresh greens with coleslaw. I chose to have a glass of prosecco with dinner (probably not the right pairing but, still) it was fabulous! And then...we couldn't resist the homemade desserts. I love bread pudding and they had blueberry bread pudding on the menu. John loves anything chocolate and the lava cake was calling his name. So we ordered both--the lava cake and the bread pudding.

We had been sitting outdoors on the patio (would you believe it? In the middle of November and I'm wearing shorts!) but with the sun going down it was starting to get chilly for both if us so we went upstairs to check out the bar area of the restaurant (you can also order food up there and dine with a view). Dessert was served to us upstairs and it was delicious with a night cap of Dissarono and soda. Yes, we definitely indulged for a meal out so I'm glad we rode our bikes!

Our ride was 7 miles roundtrip between home and the restaurant so it didn't take long and it was a nice ride on this beautiful fall evening. I think it was our first meal out since returning from Aruba.

Since we got back home it was nice to cook for ourselves, you know? But I will be out of town again for work so for this Monday's evening, it was great to not have to make dinner (and clean up) and, instead, just enjoy riding our bikes and spending the evening together.


Mojon said...

Thank you!

rosy123 said...

Bravo ! Votre blog est l'un des meilleurs que j'ai vu !
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