Saturday, October 08, 2016

Day Trip to Sacramento

John and I needed a few items from a home improvement place in Sacramento so we drove over the hill for the day. We both wanted to take a little road trip anyway and driving is a nice change from the flying I have been doing.

My very first visit to Sacramento, California was actually over three decades ago when I was a little girl. My parents had friends who had lived here and wanted my parents to consider relocating. But my parents thought the city was too big for our family of young children and raised us in a small southeastern town in Washington instead of moving to the state's capital.

Here we are, today, in Sacramento. Who knew I would be living a couple hours away in my adult life.

Before we could do any shopping, we needed to stop for lunch. So I picked some place casual: Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sacramento.

It located in a really neat historical district filled with local shops on cobblestone-lined streets and restaurants along the Sacramento River. Street parking is a limited commodity, and although there was a public parking structure in the vicinity, John and I opted to park on the other side of the river and that way we could walk along the Sacramento Tower Bridge. Then we would have a nice half-mile walk back to the car after lunch.

You can also take a ride on a river boat, on a carriage or wagon or take a railroad excursion out of the California Railroad State Museum. I would like to take the bike trail that runs along the river the next time we visit!

View of the historical district from the Sacramento Tower Bridge.
Lunch was uneventful. Even though the restaurant was packed we did not have a long wait before we were seated on the patio. In the meantime, we went to the bar and grabbed a couple of drinks while we waited.

John had fish (and shrimp) and chips. I went for the hot bucket of shrimp and added a side of snow crabs. From the patio, we watched the boats going by on the river. It reminded us of when we used to ride our boat on Lake Mead and Lake Havasu. But boating where we live is not practical for us. The summers are so short and we are not around often enough to enjoy it.

After lunch, we walked back across the Tower Bridge and continued on with our day of shopping.

A path on the other side of the river where we parked and was way less crowded.


Anonymous said...

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Daly said...

I still promote Malibu Strings and wear MS suits all of the time :) I just forget to take photos.

Anonymous said...

:( if you don't take pictures its like it never happened though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol, serious question, not meant to be pervy: Does it bother you a little knowing many men ( or women) are getting aroused by your photos and doing ungodly things to themselves as a result? I know i'd feel weird about it. By the way I really like your blog.

Daly said...

Daave, you can't worry about those things because, nowadays, you never know what arouses people. It could be toes, food, or my kitty cats (now that would be really weird).

Anonymous said...

Then Fap away I shall! haha

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