Friday, August 19, 2016

Hello Again

It has been a while since I wrote. I didn't realize how much time has past. Since quite a bit has happened in our lives, I will try to catch you up on through the coming posts.

To start with...

John and I moved with our kitties from Vegas to Reno four years ago. We needed a change and I had a great job opportunity we couldn't refuse.

A year later, we moved to Sparks (another city near Reno) where we purchased a home. I picked a heck of a time to ramp up my bicycle commuting, which was almost 20 miles roundtrip between the office and home.

We adopted a third cat. She was an older cat but we loved her just as much as our girls. Her name was Sasha and although her time with us was short, we were blessed to have her in our lives and she will forever be in our hearts.

Our life here is different from when we lived Vegas. While we still ride bikes, we go to Lake Tahoe instead of Lake Mead. There are distinct seasons in Reno and it gives us a chance to experience all of the events and activities around the year. Of course we miss Vegas, our family and friends...and at times, the heat and pools and endless hours on the lake.

The good news is I have a different job than the one we moved to Reno for. Traveling from Reno to Vegas is a regular thing so at least we can still have the best of both worlds.

John continued to race bicycles until earlier this year, he decided to move on. I have been more in involved in cycling advocacy through various organizations and we started Cuter Commuter to encouraging more people to bike everywhere! Our days and weekends include wine walks, community events (which Reno is big on), wineries and bicycling adventures with trips to Key West, FL in between (what can we say, we love tropical places and the beach).

Earlier this year we sold our home in Sparks and bought a home in Reno. The location is central for both of us to where we dine, shop and work. Unlike the house in Sparks, which was a new construction, this is an older home. Built in 1989, it needs A LOT of updates. The renovation has consumed our lives but we are starting to see the light.

That's "what's up" in a nutshell!


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