Sunday, June 14, 2015

Raised Garden Bed

Hello there. I thought I would write again since this is my personal blog after all. Life has been non-stop this year and it seems to have accelerated after the end of April when I took a new job. I no longer work for the University but am still on the same campus. And so I travel about one week (and sometimes two) weeks a month for training. Mostly in-state and recently to Chicago. We've also launched our online bicycling boutique, Cuter Commuter LLC. where we carry stylish and functional products for the everyday bicyclist and the orders have been keeping us busy. More about work and business another time.

This post is about our Sunday afternoon and finished garden bed!! John rode his bike this morning with this teammates and I caught up around the house. When he returned we went to lunch at BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse in Sparks, NV. There is a nice outdoor patio and that's where we like to sit. However, there is no bicycle parking so when we ride our bikes there, we just chain them to the railing near our seats.

John ordered the BJ's Brewhouse Burger with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Cheese and I had the Roasted Salmon Quinoa Bowl, a new item on their menu. It was roasted Atlantic salmon with sautéed red onions, mushrooms, fresh asparagus and fire-roasted red bell peppers served over quinoa and drizzled with soy ginger sauce. It was delicious although I would prefer a little less salt or soy ginger sauce next time. Sorry I forgot to take pics!

After lunch we went home and John put in new irrigation lines for the raised garden bed he built me last fall.

He's always doing something around the house whenever he has an inkling of free time so I was super excited when he could finally get around to this project.

Eventually he filled it with dirt while I went to the lawn and hardware store to pick up some plants! Hey, I may not have green thumbs but it's not a problem some green bills can't fix, right?

And voila! Thyme, oregano, mint, miniature bell peppers, parsley and four varieties of tomatoes to start. Oh...and marigold. I'm not sure where I'll plant those yet. I also heard something about companion plants so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments!

Until the plants are established, I have a hose sprinkler set up to water them daily. I'll keep you posted!!


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