Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Urban Bicycling on a Brisk Spring Day

I did not commute by bike today but still needed a dose of bicycling. So I hopped aboard the Sierra Spirit Shuttle to downtown Reno to find other bicyclists. Despite the cooler and breezy spring weather, there were many people of all ages out riding their bikes to get from place to place. You may see folks in these photos without helmets and those are students on the UNR campus. Perhaps because the environment feels safe and the routes on which they ride are car free is why they ride without a helmet.


Reno Rambler said...

Sorry to not come officially introduce myself at BPAC last night. I had to run to pick up the new NASA Rover (moon buggy) team tshirts last night before heading home. Glad you came! - Addison

Cuter Commuter said...

Hi Addison! Scott mentioned to me today that you were at the meeting. Hopefully I will get the chance to say 'hello' next time!