Sunday, February 02, 2014

Second Day of February

I didn't do much today. I filed John's tax returns and went to LOWE'S to pick up paint for the inside of our front door. Fuzzy Navel yellow.

I mailed my mom's birthday card and gifts. She turned 62 years old today but she hasn't changed much, except now she is much shorter than my brother! She is still giving and always has a smile on her face for everyone.

This is my Mom and younger brother standing in the first home we rented after immigrating to the States. The house had this grand entry way and a staircase that winded up stairs to two massive rooms that had walk-in closets. In between the two rooms was a bathroom with white tile floors and a footed tub.
The house was plenty big for all of us, but none of us used the rooms upstairs. Instead all five of us kids slept downstairs in the master bedroom. My parents' sleeping area was on the other side of the bathroom that separated our room from theirs, in what was actually the laundry room.

It is also Groundhog Day...and unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so we will have six more weeks of winter. I don't care what the marmot predicts. Winter is over when the snow has melted off the top of Peavine Mountain, which we can see to the east from our house.

The peak of Peavine Mountain can be seen to the far right in this photo.
Oh, and it was also the 48th Super Bowl today. John and I do not follow football but in years past we would usually go watch the Big Game at a friend's home or stream it live and do something at our house (just the two of us). But we weren't in the mood to watch the Seattle Seahawks play against the Denver Broncos. I had heard the Seahawks won 43 to 8...? Ouch.

We had a good weekend though. Friday was the Chinese New Year so for dinner, John and I joined my co-worker, his wife, their friends and in-laws at a Pan-Asian bistro called "Rim" inside the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. We ordered several dishes to share family style and I think I liked the Singapore-style Rice Noodles (with Shrimp, BBQ Pork and Egg, sautéed in Curry) and Honey Glazed BBQ Pork the most. The Spiced Salt and Pepper Calamari came in third because the steak pieces could have been fried in a little hotter oil to make it crisp instead of soaking up the grease. 

John and I thought everything was and service and the price was reasonable. For a fine dining Asian restaurant, they could have provided better chopsticks than was fit for Panda Express (and I like Panda Express when their entrees are fresh) and our group shouldn't have to ask for "more chili oil and chili paste please" and "more chili oil and chili paste" repeatedly because they brought one or two tablespoon dabs each time for our table of  nine. John and I would not go back except maybe to try the sushi. Still we had a lovely evening meeting new friends and chatting the night away over drinks and finished with dessert.

Lychee Crème Brûlée



Anonymous said...

I hope you are well....

Why did you stop modelling for malibu strings?

Daly said...

@Anonymous: All is well, thank you. I hope you are also well. As for MS, I haven't had the opportunity to be poolside or go to the lake much. Perhaps this year I will be able to enjoy the sun :-)