Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nokia Treasure Tag helps find lost items

I could have used this Nokia Treasure Tag last week when I retrieved my bike from my bike locker and left my bag on top of the locker as I pedaled off campus to meet a friend for lunch. The person who found my bag had no intentions of turning it in to Lost and Found. Instead they walked off campus with it, to where they probably live. When they realized that I was tracking the phone that was inside my bag, they threw my phone and keys out. My co-workers joined the search and found my house and mailbox keys on the street and then they tracked my phone to another location nearby where they found it inside a garbage bin. But my bag (which had been a Christmas gift from John) and its contents never recovered.

On the bright side, the thief did not get a chance to use my payment cards before I could call the bank. They did use my Starbucks card before I remembered to report that card lost/stolen. Meanwhile, our campus police has all the information for their investigation. There are three security cameras in the back of our building where my bike locker sits that may have captured the person who walked off with my bag. Although the thief may never be pinned for this incident, their character (being a dishonest person) will lead them down the road to pay for this. I have faith that they will definitely get what they deserve :-).

Nokia Treasure Tag helps find lost items
Since I love gadgets, this little thingamajig piqued my interest. Of course I would have had the Treasure Tag on my purse and my phone inside my bag so it would not have been of use to me that day. But once I found my phone, I would have been able to track where my bag was and the officers who responded would have gone right to their doorstep.

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