Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Finds in Fashion

This Friday is all about finds in fashion to look cute while commuting.
  1. Chain Print Flounce Skirt ($89.50 by Banana Republic) but you can get 40% off by using the code 'BRTUNEIN' until March 2, 2014.

    I like this skirt because of the movement it allows at the knees so I can pedal...and it is another good reason to wear cute underwear in case you accidentally flash others while riding.
  2. Hell Yeah T-Shirt ($25 by Iva Jean). Let everyone know you rode your bike all the way to work on casual Friday! To keep things semi-professional I would wear a crisp white collared shirt with 3/4 sleeve under this t-shirt and colored fitted jeans, legging, or trousers to make the shirt pop. 

  3. This t-shirt would be my response to my neighbor who I stopped and chatted with one day on the way to work. She couldn't believe I rode so far on my bike to the office. Hell yeah I rode my bike...LOL!!
  4. Because the weather is still a little cool here in Reno-Sparks, I would probably wear one of my infinity scarves like this Active Infinity Scarf ($49 by Iva Jean).

    I usually do not wear a jacket when I ride (unless it the temps are below freezing) because I would be cookin' by the time I rolled down the street and it's not fun to stroll into the office with a sweaty back (so not cute).

    Although I would prefer scarves with a pattern, this quick-dry, sweat-wicking baby will keep you warm on those cooler days!

Turning Sparks' Busiest into Sparks' Best

At the Pyramid Way and McCarran Boulevard Improvement Project Neighborhood Meeting last evening, I had the opportunity to review the landscape and aesthetic options for one of Sparks' busiest intersections. These options are also available for viewing on the website. There is no doubt that the improvements will definitely give the corridor a sense of place and visual interest and hopefully it will address the issues for the surrounding neighborhoods and users of the busy intersection.

I had the opportunity to speak with the RTC Project Manager, Scott Gibson. I was concerned that with all the landscape designs and road improvement plans that the bike lanes would be forgotten or compromised in the interest of time and space since the designs did not mention or illustrate the details of the bike lanes. After speaking with Scott, I was comforted in knowing that he is an avid cyclist and serves on a bicycle and pedestrian committee so there is someone in the RTC who would look our for the safety of bicyclists. He even uses RenoTracks!

I let him know that my husband and I are also avid cyclists and that I commute by bicycle regularly between our home in Sparks and where I work along McCarran--to which he responded that I was "brave". I learned that improvements would be made on Pyramid north of McCarran where there are currently no bike lanes and in some places the bike lanes will be a generous 8-feet wide.

If you would like to review the plans, this is the handout from the meeting Turning Sparks' Busiest into Sparks' Best handout.pdf I am told by another RTC project member that there will be another public meeting in the future with an opportunity to review the final designs. The construction will most likely being in Spring 2015 (so I will need to take an alternate bike route to work).

Comments can be emailed to with a reference to the "Pyramid/McCarran Intersection Improvement Project" in the subject line. Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m., Thursday, March 6, 2014. You can also mail the Comment Form.pdf to the address specified on the form or submit comments online.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bicycling and Pedestrian Friendly McCarran Blvd and Pyramid Hwy

The RTC will soon be making upgrades to the intersection of Pyramid Way and McCarran Boulevard which is along my regular bicycle commuting route. The landscaping, aesthetics and access concepts may start as early as Spring 2015. There is also a 10-foot-wide path for pedestrians and bicyclists planned for that will meander through the area to make the area more walkable.

The plan also includes the widening of Pyramid to three lanes in each direction with new turn lanes installed on both Pyramid and McCarran. Turn lanes for motor vehicles means having a safer position to stop for bicyclists who can be out of the way of motorists making right turns and running over them. Still, merge lanes are not without risks (which is an issue I will talk about in another post).

You can read all about the details here on

Pyramid-McCarran project meeting

What: RTC is hosting a public meeting to examine what widened road, improved intersection and adjoined landscaping might look like.
When: Thursday, February 27th, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: Sparks Masonic Building Association, 2425 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV.

If this is an intersection that you frequently commute, pleasreference to attend the meeting. If you cannot and would to share your concerns, comments or questions, please do so in this post and I will do my best to voice it for you during the meeting's Q&A.  I hope you can make it!

Comments can also be emailed to with reference to the "Pyramid Way and Mccarran Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project" in the subject line. Comments will be accepted until 5pm Thursday, March 6, 2014.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Promise of Spring Season

Our drip system is still off and so I spent some time in the backyard watering the plants by hand. Our plum tree has little buds already and one of the tulip bulbs I planted is coming up.

I also watered the plants in the front yard. It was a beautiful and sunny day (it usually is, even in the winter) and so I let one of our cats outside to accompany me. She is an indoor cat but the only one I trust to be outside--under close supervision of course. Now I will surely have to give her a bath, LOL.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Finds for the Home

I can never have too much bicycle related stuff, can you?  If you use the links this blog, you'll get $10 off your first purchase at Dot&Bo.

1. Like this Bistro Bicycle Print ($16.99 at Dot&Bo)

2. Or this Let's Ride Canvas Tote ($19.99 at Dot&Bo)
Bicycle Canvas Tote
3. I like this Legging Lady Art Print ($19.99 at Dot&Bo) because it is usually the way I dress for work because I can get off the bike and walk in to the office. There are leggings with seams down the front and pockets in the back so they look more like fitted trousers and a bit more professional.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nokia Treasure Tag helps find lost items

I could have used this Nokia Treasure Tag last week when I retrieved my bike from my bike locker and left my bag on top of the locker as I pedaled off campus to meet a friend for lunch. The person who found my bag had no intentions of turning it in to Lost and Found. Instead they walked off campus with it, to where they probably live. When they realized that I was tracking the phone that was inside my bag, they threw my phone and keys out. My co-workers joined the search and found my house and mailbox keys on the street and then they tracked my phone to another location nearby where they found it inside a garbage bin. But my bag (which had been a Christmas gift from John) and its contents never recovered.

On the bright side, the thief did not get a chance to use my payment cards before I could call the bank. They did use my Starbucks card before I remembered to report that card lost/stolen. Meanwhile, our campus police has all the information for their investigation. There are three security cameras in the back of our building where my bike locker sits that may have captured the person who walked off with my bag. Although the thief may never be pinned for this incident, their character (being a dishonest person) will lead them down the road to pay for this. I have faith that they will definitely get what they deserve :-).

Nokia Treasure Tag helps find lost items
Since I love gadgets, this little thingamajig piqued my interest. Of course I would have had the Treasure Tag on my purse and my phone inside my bag so it would not have been of use to me that day. But once I found my phone, I would have been able to track where my bag was and the officers who responded would have gone right to their doorstep.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Topless Bathing Suit

Back in the 1960s I could have worn the "monokini" when going topless at the pool or the beach. Such a contrast isn't it? To be nude from the waist up but then modestly covered from the waste down. Shrink the bottom by 90% fifty years later and that is what I wear today.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Second Day of February

I didn't do much today. I filed John's tax returns and went to LOWE'S to pick up paint for the inside of our front door. Fuzzy Navel yellow.

I mailed my mom's birthday card and gifts. She turned 62 years old today but she hasn't changed much, except now she is much shorter than my brother! She is still giving and always has a smile on her face for everyone.

This is my Mom and younger brother standing in the first home we rented after immigrating to the States. The house had this grand entry way and a staircase that winded up stairs to two massive rooms that had walk-in closets. In between the two rooms was a bathroom with white tile floors and a footed tub.
The house was plenty big for all of us, but none of us used the rooms upstairs. Instead all five of us kids slept downstairs in the master bedroom. My parents' sleeping area was on the other side of the bathroom that separated our room from theirs, in what was actually the laundry room.

It is also Groundhog Day...and unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so we will have six more weeks of winter. I don't care what the marmot predicts. Winter is over when the snow has melted off the top of Peavine Mountain, which we can see to the east from our house.

The peak of Peavine Mountain can be seen to the far right in this photo.
Oh, and it was also the 48th Super Bowl today. John and I do not follow football but in years past we would usually go watch the Big Game at a friend's home or stream it live and do something at our house (just the two of us). But we weren't in the mood to watch the Seattle Seahawks play against the Denver Broncos. I had heard the Seahawks won 43 to 8...? Ouch.

We had a good weekend though. Friday was the Chinese New Year so for dinner, John and I joined my co-worker, his wife, their friends and in-laws at a Pan-Asian bistro called "Rim" inside the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. We ordered several dishes to share family style and I think I liked the Singapore-style Rice Noodles (with Shrimp, BBQ Pork and Egg, sautéed in Curry) and Honey Glazed BBQ Pork the most. The Spiced Salt and Pepper Calamari came in third because the steak pieces could have been fried in a little hotter oil to make it crisp instead of soaking up the grease. 

John and I thought everything was and service and the price was reasonable. For a fine dining Asian restaurant, they could have provided better chopsticks than was fit for Panda Express (and I like Panda Express when their entrees are fresh) and our group shouldn't have to ask for "more chili oil and chili paste please" and "more chili oil and chili paste" repeatedly because they brought one or two tablespoon dabs each time for our table of  nine. John and I would not go back except maybe to try the sushi. Still we had a lovely evening meeting new friends and chatting the night away over drinks and finished with dessert.

Lychee Crème Brûlée