Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Travel Bag

I love bags. LOVE bags. Not purses, but bags...like this one. For a while I could not stop acquiring new backpacks and totes until John made me promise to throw or give away one before buying another. Since I could not part with any of the bags in my inventory the purchases came to a halt. Until today :-)


You see...I gave one of my nice backpacks away this morning. Which means (oh joy, joy!) there is room for a potential new one!!


JoeinVegas said...

Yes, BAG

Mark Markham said...

that bag is really cool...I love it!!!

Bella Wilson said...

I just love the travel bag displayed above. The bag is looking fabulous with attractive color and design. Last month, I also purchased a stylish Kilkenny orla kiely bag from a fashion exhibition. It is in leather stuff and quite bright in color. The bag is suitable to carry heavy loads for long travels.

Daly said...

Thanks Mark!

Cute bags and patterns Bella. Thanks for the link.