Thursday, October 03, 2013

Meet Max

There is a cat that comes around the shop almost daily to hang with John and his crew during the day. He is very friendly and appears to be a stray. Yet when offered (dry cat) food, he was not interested which leads us to believe he's not feral and perhaps could be someone's pet.
October 2, 2010
September 10, 2013
He doesn't have a collar so John named him Max
We talked about adopting him but hesitated for a few reasons. First, he could be someone's pet and they might miss him dearly, being an outdoor cat if we adopted him there are coyotes in the undeveloped land behind our home and we wouldn't feel comfortable letting him out, he is pretty comfortable in his current environment and if we kept him inside he may not be very happy, and lastly our girls are used to just them two and may not take to him at first though eventually they would become friends. So, for now, adopting him is not really a consideration no matter how tempting.  It is hard to resist him with that cute little face!
The biggest issue is, Max is not neutered and we feel an obligation to take him and get him neutered. By the description John gave me of Max's testicles, I have no doubt he is fathering a lot of (homeless) kittens and we don't need more critters in the world when there are already so many animals in the shelters.
September 12, 2013
I am conflicted. Do I take him and get him neutered, not knowing if he is someone's pet? If he does belong to a family, they should have put a collar on him. After he gets neutered, it would seem wrong to release him but then again, that is what he seems to be comfortable with. If the shelter where he would be neutered knew he was a stray (he may not be chipped) they may keep him, probably in a cage in which he would be miserable. Maybe I could find someone who would adopt him and get him neutered. I am just wrestling with feelings of I would be catnapping him from his family if I took him, and he never came home.  I can let him be because he doesn't seem hungry and he seems to be very content visiting now and then but he really needs to be neutered.

What would you do?


JoeinVegas said...

We recently caught five strays in our back yard, had them all neutered, and released them back in the yard. Three keep coming back to visit.
If the owner doesn't take responsibility it would be nice for you guys to do that. The place we took them to here in Vegas does stray and feral neutering for free. Pay and males are $35.
I'd say call the ASPCA chapter in Reno and ask if there is a low cost or free option for feral cats and step up and have it done. They only keep the cat a few hours, and that's better than having a few dozen new kittens because of him.

Daly said...

John is keeping the cat carrier in his car now for the next time Max comes around. He'll be going on a little road trip...