Sunday, October 06, 2013

Landscaping of Backyard

Earlier this past week, the work began to landscape our backyard. We wanted an organic look with drought tolerant plants for water conservation so that we can reap the advantages of xeriscaping. The before and after photos are below.

Our HOA requires that the backyard be landscaped within six months to reduce soil erosion and so forth. It took us some time to save up funds enough for our budget and when we finally had cash in hand, we started calling the landscaping companies in the area.

We never imagined that the process would be so frustrating week after week. A few companies never called us back. One company quoted us three times over our budget. One company came and looked at our yard (it was the owner himself), took our requirements and never called us back with a quote or a design. It was quite frustrating to have finally saved up the money to landscape our backyard--and no one wanted the job (probably because our budget was too low compared to other jobs they could take instead). Our last and final call (from a recommendation) before we considered putting in the elbow grease to do the landscaping ourselves, was to Steve at Old Stone House Gift and Garden who drew up a design that was in line with what we had in mind, and came in close to our budget! Now we were getting somewhere.

Within two weeks, the work began and the crew (who were very hard working) completed the landscaping in three and a half days--under the estimated schedule. We are so, so pleased with the outcome and could not be any happier with the job! As mentioned before, here are the before and after photos.
Before: view from dining room to the east.
After: view from dining room to the east.
The material fill in the main area is decomposed granite where we plan to put a fire pit and dining set with a patio umbrella. We originally had turf in the original design but we scratched the idea in order to stay within our budget and to conserve water and keep the cost of maintenance down.
Before: view from the dining room to the west.
After: view from dining room to the west.
We now have our fire pit and some Adirondack chairs out there.
Before: view from the patio.
After: view from the patio.
The builder put a rock wall east of the patio...but in the corner there is a grade in the soil and the rain would wash the dirt down the slope.
Before: from the west corner of the yard.
After: from the west corner of the yard.
So the wall was extended and back filled with dirt to stop the soil erosion.
What we have left to do is to put in modern stepping stones or have it poured with moss or river rock around it like this or this
We also need to add some landscape lighting.
After (click image for a larger view)
After (click image for a larger view)
There is also a small area for my garden. Then we will fix up the patio with Chinese lanterns and lights!


JoeinVegas said...

Wow, that's a lot of rock. I'm sure your backs thank you for having somebody else do the work.
But the homeowner's association governs the back yards too? wow

Earl Finnegan said...

I've hired a landscape company in Riverton so that I didn't have to do it myself. Looks like your doing a great job though!

Andy said...

We help lying the affordable and durable pavers throughout the city and we are now covering inner West Durban too.