Monday, September 16, 2013

Virginia City Camel Races

After John rose before the crack of dawn to go with me to see the Great Reno Balloon Race one day, I doubted whether he would want to attend the Virginia City Camel Races the next day but somehow I convinced him to go and we were both glad we went.  

The International Camel Races is a three day event held in September at the living ghost town of Virginia City, Nevada. Filled with great food, drinks, and entertainment it is a must-see event when visiting Reno-Tahoe-Sparks, NV. It was our chance to see camels, ostriches, emus, zebras and chickens race!!

There were different seating areas and, in my opinion, all have great views of the arena where the races took place. You can ride a camel for a lap inside the arena for $5. Then settle down with a heaping pile of fries or nachos or ice cold draft beer (which was what we did) and listen to the live musician/entertainer as the fun begins.

After the introduction of the camels, zebras, and ostriches the rounds of races started.
Video of camel racing.

Video of ostrich racing.
These Dromedary Camels have a single hump and, unlike the two-hump Bactrian Camel, will not spit on you.

Racing Zebras

Sitting on the bleachers can get painful after an hour or two so bring a pad to sit on. We originally started sitting there but moved to the folded chairs for more space and breathing room (those chairs were much more comfortable). Also, bring an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat for shade. It can get hot out there.

I am so glad we went to the camel races this year; it a lot of fun! You'll must watch the videos in this slideshow of the races.
Reno-Gazette Journal article:


JoeinVegas said...

No pictures of you on a camel?

Daly said...

LOL, no I didn't ride a camel even though the long summer dress I was wearing would have made for a funny camel ride photo.