Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hungry Valley

For a few hours today, the smoke from the Rim Fire appeared to let up so we took the opportunity to ride our bikes together. We headed north to the Reno/Sparks Indian Colony.  There is a steady climb of about 4 to 5% grade for two miles leading up to the Hungry Valley Community of the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe Indians.  I usually don't like hills but there was little traffic and it was so quiet out there that it was easy to keep a steady pedaling rhythm.  It was kind of therapeutic.  And although there was more traffic along Eagle Canyon Drive today than typical because of the Annual Numaga Pow-Wow, all (but one) of the drivers gave us plenty of room on the road when they passed by.

We would have loved to stay for the celebrations to enjoy the native foods and watch the event activities including a drum contest, team dance and chicken dance but neither of us remembered to carry cash or a payment card. Besides, the 31 miles we rode and 2,000 feet of climbing was enough (for me) for one day.  I am so out of shape, LOL.  When I lived in Vegas, I would go out and ride 78 miles on Saturday and then 56 miles on Sunday--on my own.  But I have to admit, I have not ridden regularly in Reno as I had in Vegas.

So after we rode home, we showered and freshened up and went to eat at Men Wielding Fire in downtown Reno.  I was craving some ribs but we didn't want to deal with the crowds at the Nugget Rib Festival again and knew the restaurant would have some ribs.
Probably the best onion rings I've ever had!
We had a nice lunch and afterwards ran some errands and then came home to spend more time with our cats. They love having us home and we love to be home with them!
For a day we thought the smoke would stay away but it was once again pretty bad in the afternoon. It feels and smells like you're walking around a smoky campfire. Except you cannot walk away from it to get fresh air because the smoke is everywhere so you just have to stay indoors. In some places you can see ash falling out of the air. It has made it difficult to do anything outside like running or cycling. Some people who work outdoors wear dusk masks (because of the microscopic pollution from the wildfire in the air) and the schools keep the students inside during recess because the air quality is so unhealthy.

There is a patio atop the building where I work that my co-workers like to go sit and eat our lunches. On any day you can see from mountain side to mountain side as far as you can see but this is what it looked like earlier this week.

The sunsets are pretty though.
Click to view larger panorama photo.
 The sunrises are eerie...with a gloomy feel. The sun casts a red light on the walls each morning.I think we are getting use to it by now. We are past the point where we were sick of the smoke. I hope it clears up soon. I can see the leaves on the trees turning and fall will soon be here so I would like to enjoy the season before winter comes.


JoeinVegas said...

Back biking!

Daly said...

Yes :) The weather is nice again and the smoke is clear--finally!