Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sounds Faster Than Actual Speed

On my way home along Baring Blvd I passed @cityofsparks motor patrol. Thank goodness they are there because it helps to keep that stretch safe for all commuters on the road. I was on my scooter in full throttle when I saw the motorcycles parked in the median under the shade of the trees, I immediately had that gut reaction to slow down...and I let off the throttle just as one of the officers raised the speed detector gun at me. I nodded at them and scooted on thinking -- was I going too fast?! Then with some relief I realized my scooter isn't capable of going much faster than the 30 m.p.h. speed limit -- it just SOUNDS faster than its actual speed.  I also knew that I was within all legal limits of the NV laws to ride my scooter (considered a moped) on public roads.  Gosh I'm even wearing a bright orange safety vest and a helmet!! I should be okay. Still I couldn't help but glance in the side mirror several times in anticipation of the dreaded flashing lights behind me.  But the officers never followed. Whew!  I had no reason to be scared but boy was I was nervous in my seat!! 

Be safe out there. Most of the Washoe County School Districts are back in session as of Monday and it is good to know the city is watching out for everyone's safety too. Now...if they'd only trim the bushes sticking out across the bike lane on eastbound N. McCarran before Probasco I would be stoked!!

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JoeinVegas said...

Nice work on the vest and helmet - better to be safe than not seen.