Friday, August 09, 2013

Sister Weekend in Spokane

My oldest sister in Spokane threw a Blind Wine Tasting Party at her home last Friday. It was a good thing we did our shopping trip and visit to the salon the day before because we spent most of the day prepping the appetizers and food up to the last minute.

Meanwhile my older sister was tied up in a two-day travel from hell on her route from Florida to Washington but she finally made it in the nick of time.

Each guest was encouraged to bring a red and/or white wine of their choice. The bottles were wrapped and we tasted the wine in groups (white wine followed by red wine). For the white wines, we tried to guess the cost of the bottle.  For the red wine we ranked it by stars.
The winners of our taste test was surprising.  Charles Shaw won the red wine category (can't remember if it was the merlot or cabernet) and Flip Flop won the white wine category.  The guest who came close to guessing the white wine's value won prizes and the guest who brought the wine with the most 5 star ratings won prizes.

No matter what, we all had fun!

When the party died down, we built a camp fire to huddle around until it was time for bed.

Now that the three of us sisters were together, tomorrow would be another day of shopping and spending time with our nephew and niece.  We still needed to find our running gear for The Color Run Spokane on Sunday.

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