Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Best in the West Nugget Rib Festival

Over 800,000 people and 24 rib cookers gather in Victorian Square of downtown Sparks, NV for the Best in the West Nugget Rib Festival and competition. We enjoyed some of the country's best ribs and watched the World Rib Eating Championship where the competitor who eats the most rib meat after 12 minutes takes home a piece of the $5,000 prize. Find out who won and the number of pounds of meat consumed by the champion...

We sampled ribs from Carson City BBQ (Carson City, NV), Armadillo Willy's (Los Altos, CA), Back Forty Texas BBQ (Pleasant Hill, CA) had the best sauces, and Chicago BBQ Company (Burr Ridge, IL) and Carson City BBQ won our vote; their ribs had the best flavor and texture and didn't even need sauce.  Chicago BBQ Company won the "People's Choice Award 2013" title but the sample ribs we got were really fatty and tasteless (I think because we had end pieces) so I was really surprised to hear this.

I think John and I will have our our own rib cook-off at home. We've made them before and they were fall-off-the-bone and most flavorful ribs we've ever made!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Holy Smokes

All these fires are really smoking up Reno and Sparks.  I took the first picture on a day that wasn't exactly a clear day but it was before the breeze brought more smoke into the area.  The second photo is from this afternoon and I don't even want to go outside to grab lunch, it is so bad.  It is hard not to notice the haze outside because my throat is burning and the smoke makes me cough constantly. So much for going outside for fresh air! On the bright side, happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet and Greet the Cycling Pros

I have only seen them on the big screens, climbing mountains and racing in the Tour de France and other professional cycling races until last week when I had the chance to meet a few of them in person. Cycling enthusiasts were invited to meet and ride with Tour de France Champion Andy Schleck and cycling legends Jens Voigt and Frank Schleck to show support for the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway and the Tour de Nez (the annual bicycle race in downtown Reno).

Click on any photo to view a larger, clearer image.

Last Thursday, hundreds of people gathered by the old Reno arch at the event for the opportunity to have their photos taken with the Schleck brothers and Jens Voigt, get autographs, and ride their bikes alongside the pros.

John met Jens Voight.  It is no wonder why the German pro bike racer is so well liked because he has an outgoing personality.
You don't hear much about Frank Schleck and on t.v. he seemed really shy so I expected him to be standoffish but he turned out to be approachable.  He is a really nice guy and seemed humbled by the event and number of people who showed up to say, "Hello. I am your fan and thank you for being here."
I also had the chance to shake Andy Schleck 2010 Tour de France champion's hand but I was so nervous and starstruck by him that all I could do was blurt out, "Hi I'm Daly and I follow you on Twitter!!".  I am such a dork!!  What I really wanted to say was that I appreciate their time in coming to Reno and the opportunity for the cycling community to meet and ride with them.

Their presence helped raise a really nice amount of funds for the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway Project and the Tour de Nez cycling race that is held in downtown Reno each year.
All of 'em were gracious and accommodating to the fans. It must drive them crazy to have people ask for their autographs and photos all morning, especially after they had just arrived the night before from a convention in another state.
The morning concluded with a group ride through Reno before the pros (and anyone who wanted to) rode up Mt. Rose Highway to Lake Tahoe to begin their training.
There are some great videos on YouTube if you'd like to see the event and the group riding through town to Tahoe:
1) Reno Legends Ride:
2) City of Reno, Local Cyclists Ride with the Pros to Fund Tahoe Pyramid:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sounds Faster Than Actual Speed

On my way home along Baring Blvd I passed @cityofsparks motor patrol. Thank goodness they are there because it helps to keep that stretch safe for all commuters on the road. I was on my scooter in full throttle when I saw the motorcycles parked in the median under the shade of the trees, I immediately had that gut reaction to slow down...and I let off the throttle just as one of the officers raised the speed detector gun at me. I nodded at them and scooted on thinking -- was I going too fast?! Then with some relief I realized my scooter isn't capable of going much faster than the 30 m.p.h. speed limit -- it just SOUNDS faster than its actual speed.  I also knew that I was within all legal limits of the NV laws to ride my scooter (considered a moped) on public roads.  Gosh I'm even wearing a bright orange safety vest and a helmet!! I should be okay. Still I couldn't help but glance in the side mirror several times in anticipation of the dreaded flashing lights behind me.  But the officers never followed. Whew!  I had no reason to be scared but boy was I was nervous in my seat!! 

Be safe out there. Most of the Washoe County School Districts are back in session as of Monday and it is good to know the city is watching out for everyone's safety too. Now...if they'd only trim the bushes sticking out across the bike lane on eastbound N. McCarran before Probasco I would be stoked!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reupholstered Dining Chairs

The gray-blue suede fabric on our dining chairs were magnets for cat hair so I reupholstered them.

Hopefully this fabric will be better suited for a household of cats.

This YouTube video, "Quick and Easy: Re-Cover a Stool or Chair Seat" was helpful.
This dining set has gone through some changes. The set used to have a charcoal theme.
Then we painted the chair and table frames white to blend better with our townhouse.

And now new fabric to coordinate better with the flooring.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Movie Night

The whole family is on the couch watching a movie. We saw one that was good called The Cleaner with Samuel Jackson. Have you seen any good movies lately that you can share?

Sister Weekend in Spokane

My oldest sister in Spokane threw a Blind Wine Tasting Party at her home last Friday. It was a good thing we did our shopping trip and visit to the salon the day before because we spent most of the day prepping the appetizers and food up to the last minute.

Meanwhile my older sister was tied up in a two-day travel from hell on her route from Florida to Washington but she finally made it in the nick of time.

Each guest was encouraged to bring a red and/or white wine of their choice. The bottles were wrapped and we tasted the wine in groups (white wine followed by red wine). For the white wines, we tried to guess the cost of the bottle.  For the red wine we ranked it by stars.
The winners of our taste test was surprising.  Charles Shaw won the red wine category (can't remember if it was the merlot or cabernet) and Flip Flop won the white wine category.  The guest who came close to guessing the white wine's value won prizes and the guest who brought the wine with the most 5 star ratings won prizes.

No matter what, we all had fun!

When the party died down, we built a camp fire to huddle around until it was time for bed.

Now that the three of us sisters were together, tomorrow would be another day of shopping and spending time with our nephew and niece.  We still needed to find our running gear for The Color Run Spokane on Sunday.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Our Mornings

In the mornings I sometimes open the door to the patio upstairs to allow Havi and Elgy out for some fresh air.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Similar Tastes

When we moved to Reno in November of 2011, we came with two cars; a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen and a 2012 Toyota Scion we purchased in October of that year. Somewhere between that time and today, we got rid of both cars because we needed a vehicle with four wheel drive for the Reno winters so we bought a white 2012 Dodge RAM pickup (August or September of 2012). Then in April of this year, we traded in the truck and bought a 2013 Subaru Impreza Sport Premium because we weren't using the full potential of the pickup, it didn't sip fuel either with all our road trips for bike races and the Subaru has all-wheel drive.

So when John was at a stoplight behind these two cars today, he couldn't help but take this photo because they look strikingly similar to our two most recent cars. Too funny.

Sigh...several cars ago I stopped keeping track of all the cars he's had because they changed faster than I can post to my blog. Eventually I learned not to get attached to our cars and so I no longer kept a list for memory of the Audi A3 and the Dodge Journey and Ford Focus Coupe and Chevy Astro (some vehicles we've had for only a few months).

Lately he's been telling me about the FIAT ® 500 Abarth and has suggested we take a look on Saturday, "for fun".  Yeah...right ;-P  I know better than that. Because every time I walk into a dealership, it is to do paperwork and we leave driving something different. So I think I'll stick around home this weekend.

New Do

I wanted a change up my hairstyle to something more dramatic yet easy to maintain. Since I've had long hair throughout summer, I thought it was time to chop off my hair for a fresh start.
My sister took me to her stylist and we agreed upon my new style. With foils in my hair, I could hardly contain my excitement in anticipation of the end result! about a drum roll please...? do you like my new do?!
My sisters liked my hair so much, they decided to join in too!
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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Visiting Spokane

I am here visiting family again. The weather is overcast but warm.

We have plans to pamper ourselves, cook delicious foods (Asian food I might add), host wine tasting event as well as go wine tasting, and run in the Run or Dye (color run) which are all going to be so much fun!

But first some coffee...and a green smoothie prepared by my lovely niece.