Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Wedding in Corona del Mar

Last weekend we drove to Grandma's in Corona del Mar where we met John and Maggie who drove out from Boulder City. There we had the chance to finally meet Minnie, Grandma and aunt Jan's new kitty.

Dinner with family
At first, Minnie was very shy but then became really affectionate and playful once she warmed up to us.
John and I enjoyed riding our bikes through the Upper Newport Bay Regional Park...
Bike ride along Upper Newport Bay Regional Park
...dinner at Zubies Chicken Coop...
Dinner at Zubies Chicken Coop
...and a walk along the beach.
Walk along beach of Corona del Mar, CA
While John went to the movies with Dad...
I went shopping and to lunch with Mom and Grandma.
Thai food lunch and shopping
The highlight of our weekend was the wedding reception for our cousin Hilary Fenn to the love of her life Thomas Fenn.
Rusty Pelican in Newport, CA

It was a beautiful evening and one of the loveliest receptions at the Rusty Pelican in Newport. We caught up on our lives with our family and had a great time!
See you soon!
Mono Lake


Anonymous said...

Cool, but a miss de photos with tiny bikinis

JoeinVegas said...

Road trip! No time for beach? But it was for family, and it looks like you all spent time together. Nice