Friday, June 21, 2013

Small Improvements

We will be working on the yard soon and I can't wait! Until then, we are making small improvements in the house like changing out the kitchen faucet so that it can accommodate tall pots.

This plant has been in our family for many, many years. I bought it for John's birthday (29th or 30th) and it survived moves between three homes in Vegas. When we uprooted to Reno, the renter of our town home in Vegas took care of it for a year. After our tenant moved out, John's parents took care of it and when they came to visit us in our new home, they brought it with them. Welcome home little dude!
Although the plant looked healthy, the original terracotta pot was pretty worn so I painted it a happy green-yellow color called Appletini.

Then I got brush happy so I painted a few photo frames to match.  I am really liking yellow this year though I still like shades of green and chartreuse so Appletini, to me, is kind of a blend of both.  I am liking all shades of yellow like a canary, lemons, a marigold flower, turmeric, a daffodil, butter, egg yolk, and a field of rapeseed.  Something bright to shake up the gray, beige, black and white colors of our living room.

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JoeinVegas said...

We're off tomorrow to shop for a new kitchen faucet too! Part of the upgrades here.