Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is it Summer yet?

I am sitting at my desk wearing fingerless gloves. It is beautiful and sunny outside but my desktop widget says the temperature in Reno is 56F degrees.  The two big windows at each corner of my desk don't really help to keep the cold out. But I would rather freeze and be able to see outside than have an office with no windows and be warm. To think just this past Sunday we were laying on the sand at Lake Tahoe and today I am wearing gloves!


JoeinVegas said...

We probably will not see 56 again until what, late October?

Daly said...

I bet it's nice and warm in Vegas! Oh I miss the heat sometimes. It's 70F degrees right now with a high forecast of 77F degrees. Perfect running or cycling weather. I went to the sauna at the gym on campus today to get my fill of dry heat and took a nap.