Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

John and I are laying out on the vast dirt lot of our backyard enjoying the quiet day and warm sun. It is 3pm and 68 degrees this afternoon. When I lived in Vegas I would have thought it would be too cold to be in a bikini but here I am, beads of sweat forming on my skin. This strawberry piƱa colada is refreshing and the occasional breeze feels really good!

In a few hours my parents will be here visiting from Washington state. Then my sister from Florida arrives tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday my other sister from California will drive in and so we will have a full house since everyone is staying with us. For my parents and Floridian sister, this will be their first visit to Reno and Sparks so I am looking forward to showing them around town. There will be lots of cooking going on of authentic Laotian food. I am so blessed to have great cooks on both sides of the family and I can't wait to enjoy every dish!

Cheers to a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Self Portrait Thursday

I went to the DMV today to update my driver's license with my new address and add the Class M (motorcycle) endorsement. I had the opportunity to take a new photo but I declined. I don't like to pose for the camera, especially with a bunch of strangers around. Besides, no one really cares what the photo of me looks like on my license.

Later I thought I would've liked to see a snapshot of my face and the joy I felt knowing I had accomplished something I was intimidated to do or thought I could never do (to ride a motorcycle). And since it has been years since I posted for Self Portrait Thursday, there was no better time than the very moment I took this photo.

I also want to remember the pearl earrings John gave me for our 7th anniversary. I love pearls but they don't share the same feelings as I do and they like to get lost so I hope these stick around for a just a little while longer than the last few lol...

Please forgive the bags under my eyes. I have been battling severe allergies all week!