Thursday, April 25, 2013

Settling In

It has been almost four weeks since we moved to the new house and we are settling in little by little.  From our windows we can see downtown Reno.  The skyline reminds me of Vegas :-) so I like to look out there often.
Havi enjoys running up and down the stairs. She is often seen perching in various places looking down at us.
Elgy is also adjusting. She likes to be wherever we are so she is just happy to tag along.
John had a bike race a weekend or two ago in Chico, CA.  Getting to it was much easier in our new Subaru than the Dodge RAM pickup truck which we traded in.  We still needed a four-wheel drive vehicle but this one sips gas compared to the truck.  That's a big plus with all the driving we do -- especially since it is our only vehicle.
Here is John in 2007 (on the left) when he started to ride bicycles again ... and on the right after the Chico Road Race having fun.  Four miles of the course was on a gravel road so that is why his legs and kit are all dusty, LOL.  I am proud of him and how far he has come. He was overweight and lost a difference of 70 pounds to racing competitively.

Phooey, I can't remember where we were when I took this photo.  Oh yes, Gastro Pub at the mall.  It wouldn't be a post without photos of food, right?
The blinds for the house were installed last Friday.  Throughout downstairs (I will have to post pics soon), we chose honeycomb shades for several reasons. They provide insulation and you can open them from the top down or the bottom up.  This particular shade on the door of our master bedroom which leads out to the patio, the shade is cordless.  I lower the top of the shade so that I can see outside and open the shade from the bottom so that our cats can also see outside, yet there is still privacy in the middle area so no one strolling or jogging by will see me walking around in my birthday suit.
Our home came with stainless steel GE Profile appliances but were tired of the stainless steel look so we purchased the WhirlPool White Ice kitchen appliance set instead.  We plan to either get the cabinets refaced or painted white so our kitchen will be a work in progress.  For now you can follow this link to see the image of what we have in mind.

Since we sold our appliances we were left without a range to cook with or a dishwasher for some time.  The large appliances were installed by the delivery guys but we had to the above-the-range microwave ourselves.  For the most part it was easy ... and then there was cutting a larger hole in the cabinet than was made for the GE appliances and THAT was a nightmare, LOL.
BUT we did it and realized that the older we get, the less we want to do things moving.  We were spoiled when we moved to Reno because my company paid for our expenses (boxes, moving truck, gas, movers, etc.) so all we had to do was pack, drive to our destination and unpack.  Moving ourselves this last time was such a pain, LOL.  It took us five days and left us with very sore I will always remember our adventure.  Next time we are hiring help!

So can you blame us for what we did after we installed the microwave?  We headed over to Anchor's Bar & Grill at the Sparks Marina for a stiff drink!!  It was a gorgeous evening and you can see the snow capped mountains surrounding Reno.  Next time we will sit on the patio and enjoy the sun set.
We love where we live and each day when we turn off our street I am in awe of the view.  John drives me to work and he will do so until I can find a safe route on which to ride my scooter or bicycle.
Now that we are all moved in and packing, the biggest task we have the backyard--and it is our biggest backyard yet!  The front of our house is landscaped but the backyard is a big blank canvas of DIRT.
Landscaping or not, it was not going to stop me from laying out and enjoying the warm sun shining over our backyard.  We often let our cats onto the patio from the master bedroom so that they too can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  But there are coyotes and hawks that will snatch them so they will not be wandering the backyard ever.
John laid out a moving blanket for me so that I could put down a beach towel, chair, and umbrella and read some books.
Pretty soon we'll get back in the swing of things...and it will be life as usual. :-)
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JoeinVegas said...

Wow - gorgeous view from there. You're not riding your scooter in yet? Weather's getting nice (supposed to hit 99 on Sunday here). And look out that bedroom door - who the heck is out there to see you? and unless a jogger has magic eyes you are a bit far away and inside to even register.

Daly said...

You're right Joe :-) It's pretty private so I need not worry.

John said...

Wow, that is quite the post!!! love it.

Anonymous said...

So jealous....looks like the perfect place to tan in a Malibu Strings G.
- Michelle