Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrating My Birthday

Our lives have been so busy lately with the home search, John's racing in NorCal, and our trips out of town that we didn't have much time to think about my birthday.  Usually we take some sort of trip to celebrate but this year, I initially didn't feel like celebrating because we had too much going on.

So on my birthday John made me an extra special breakfast sandwich and fresh fruit. Then we started packing up our belongings to move into our new home this weekend. I got some really precious cards in the mail and my sister in Spokane sent me a wine gift basket.  All throughout the day I received messages and phone calls from friends and family who were thinking of me.
By evening John knew I would be ready to go out for some fresh air and food so he took me to the Atlantis Sushi Bar at the Sky Terrace (the restaurant is seated within a sky walk that spans the distance across Virginia Street in Reno).  This is now our new favorite place for sushi because of their excellent service and fish.  Immediately after being seated we were given hot napkins to wipe our hands (you also get hot napkins after dinner) and our drink orders were delivered soon after that. Our empty sushi platters never sat around for very long and we never needed to flag our waiter for anything. The frequency that the staff checked in on us was never too often and they were always a step ahead of our needs--and friendly.  And of course, the sushi was fresh and delicious!!  You see, good casinos spare no expenses on food because they want you to come and eat with the hopes that you'll stay to play.
And play we did!  We pulled some slot machines and when that wasn't working out in our favor, we tried our hands at a Black Jack table.  The dealer was very helpful in explaining the rules since it was my first time playing.  In the end we won enough to cover our food and drinks!!  Then we got a nightcap at the bar and sat on some lounge chairs just doing what we love...talking to each other.  We had a really nice evening and in the end, I had a really nice birthday.
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JoeinVegas said...

And I missed the party - sorry - late Happy Birthday!

Daly said...

Thanks Joe :-)