Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend at Madera Stage Race

This past weekend we were in Madera, CA for a stage race.  While the races and our weekend went well overall, I have to admit it was also a weekend of dining disappointments.  I had this long rant of a post but then thought better.  No one enjoys reading about complaints and so I will stick to sharing the positive side of our weekend.

We went to dinner with John's teammates on Friday and our weekend started out on a high note.  In their presence, everything else is pale by comparison because they are all a joy to be with.  It was one of John's teammates birthday so it ended up being a long but really nice evening.
John had two races on Saturday, the criterium in which he placed 7th.  This season, he is racing in a more competitive category (men in age 35+ or older in Category 1, 2, and 3) so his placing is pretty good.

The time trial was in the afternoon and afterwards John was visibly not happy with his individual results. Winter in Reno has forced him to train indoors and that can never truly prepare anyone nor replace the conditions for racing on the road.  Still, he came in 16th out of the 33 guys on the roster.

Saturday evening was filled with a chain of more dining disappointments but I promised I wouldn't speak of it.  We finally settled on the hotel bed with our feet up with a glass of wine with our take-out dinner.

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John wasn't thrilled about continuing with the road race on Sunday based on his performance from the time trial. But his sweet Mom talked some sense into him and I convinced him that no matter the results of this last event, he will feel better to have the race training outdoors he so needed.  And so he stuck it out and finished 9th without getting a mechanical or disabling leg cramps.

As always, I enjoy being a spectator and taking photos.  This time, we brought my bike along which made it easy to get to the start line, feed zone, and finish line of the road race.  These points were a mile to over 6+ miles apart and you are limited to where you can park a vehicle so if you are going to watch the road rice, it would be a good idea to bring a bicycle to get you around if you can.

On our way home, we stopped in Auburn to visit the home of our friends who moved out from Las Vegas last July.  We visited with them and their son who is now two-years old and their oh-so friendly dog.  Our weekend ended just as it had began.  In the company of friends who reminded us of the good things in life and for THAT we are so grateful.

2013 Madera Stage Race Photos - Sharon Road Time Trial
2013 Madera Stage Race Photos - Criterium (Cat 35+ 1/2/3)
2013 Madera Stage Race Photos - Daulton Road Race


JoeinVegas said...

We'll take your rants - go ahead!

Sorry for his times, but he was not last, just needs more road practice.

Daly said...

Thanks Joe. You are right, he needs more practice on the road. The weather is warming up to where it's nice to ride outside again. In fact, I'm starting to catch the riding bug again! Hope you are well!