Monday, December 10, 2012

Night of Fun Bowling

The other Saturday we went to the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino for some fun time bowling.
John won the first round and then as the games progressed, I started to pull ahead in each round. Perhaps my strategy of feeding him beer worked ;-)
We put come cash in the slot machines and came out ahead. It doesn't take a large win for us to walk, LOL. The casinos must hate us. We have never lost since we came to Reno.
Then we went home and took photos in front of the tree so our family can see the 9 foot silver tip we got from the nursery to support the local boy scout troops.
We tried to get the girls in the photos but they don't like to stay still very long for group photos but eventually I got Havi to cooperate although reluctantly.
I hope you are having a fantastic holiday season. Just 15 more days until Christmas!!!
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JoeinVegas said...

Nice work on tree decoration - do the cats like to play with the ornaments?

Daly said...

The cats LOVE the Christmas tree and yes, they like to play with the ornaments so we put theirs (soft toys)along the bottom part of the tree.

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