Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nevada Scenic Byways

There was a meet and greet at work where I had the opportunity to learn about the departments and functions that serve their constituents. During my tour I picked up a Nevada state map and there was a section about the Nevada Scenic Byways.  Of the 10 listed, John and I are grateful to have been to all but two: Pyramid Lake (just 37 miles north of Reno) and Angel Lake (but we were so close during our visit to Great Basin National Park).
This is the list of Nevada Scenic Byways along with links to resources, my blog posts, and photo albums.  You can also view the brochure online or download the .pdf copy.  By no means is this ALL of the points of interest in Nevada and if you haven't been to these - it sounds like a great idea for a road trip!!

2. Mt. Rose

3. Pyramid Lake

4. Lamoille Canyon
5. Angel Lake

6. Mt. Charleston

7. Red Rock Canyon (there is a gorgeous scenic drive through Red Rock Canyon)

8. Las Vegas Strip (what can I say except there is too many photos to post during the time we lived in Vegas of our adventures on the Strip)

9. Valley of Fire
10. Great Basin
This coming year, we will definitely visit Pyramid Lake and I hope to visit Angel Lake on the way to a hopefully another family camping trip at Great Basin National Park.

Nevada State Parks:

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JoeinVegas said...

You've seen more of Nevada than most locals!