Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home for a Visit

I had a nice long weekend visiting family in Boulder City near the end of October.  As much as I wanted to ride my bike or run on the trails along Lake Mead and visit so many friends I've missed since we moved away over a year ago, I found that all the precious time I had to spend, I spent with our family.
John had driven home several days before I flew in on a Friday morning (he had loaded up our bicycles and his Retul fitting system to fit bicycles all week).
My mom-in-law picked me up from the airport and after we walked through the observatory at the Bellagio, she took me to breakfast at a cafe in the Paris (I think it was called the Sugar Factory).  Although the day was sunny, it was cool with temperatures in the 50s.  We sat inside next to windows overlooking the Strip.
After breakfast we went shopping until our feet hurt. Then drove through Boulder City to admire the city improvements (landscaping, palm trees, and lamp posts) lining the city streets. It was sure nice to be back in a familiar place.

I will never get bored of the Vegas skyline.
I wish I could tell you about all we did but I cannot remember it all.  I remember we had a really good time no matter what we did.  We ate out at several places and we cooked really good meals at home, including a Thanksgiving Dinner since we knew we would probably spend the holiday apart.
One of the days I learned how to sew from Maggie and both John and I tried our hands at tooling leather in his dad's leather shop (it made it appreciate even more how much skill it takes to turn leather into something beautiful).  John's dad is really humble and most people will not know that he was asked to make a guitar strap for Garth Brooks' birthday gift (an accessory that is normally not one of the custom made products in his shop of gun leather and cowboy gear to name a few...but someone sought out John's dad for his work).  I may or may not have posted photos of a beautiful leather convertible purse John and Maggie made me for my birthday which I still love (I'll have to post pics of it if I haven't already).

John's parents' company Western Star Leather also supplied spurs for a motion picture film soon to be released in national theaters.  Their business and products have been featured in many magazines including True West, Guns of the Old West, Shoot!, and Combat Handguns.  If you take a close look at his artwork in the image below and compare it to other custom leather made products out there, you'll see why.  There is no bias when I say others are pale in comparison to his craftsmanship.
Click image for larger view.
John rode his bike along the River Mountains Trail Loop while I went on a long walk with Maggie. We picked coyote gourds that you can make ornaments out of and pomegranates to include in our morning fruit salad.
A longtime friend of mine, whom I've know since I moved to Vegas in 2004, would finally fulfill her dreams of living in Utah.  It may be our only chance to see each other before she moved with her family so we met up for brunch to catch up on our lives.

Then John and I drove home. We took the scenic route through Bishop and past Mammoth where the changing leaves from the fall season were just breathtaking. We stopped at Schaat's Bakery for lunch along the way and before we knew it, we were back home with our kitties!!


JoeinVegas said...

Holiday with family - we went to San Francisco to get together with ours. Nice you could come down to be with them.

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