Sunday, October 07, 2012

Riding in Reno

During our visit to the Northern coast of California, we did not get to ride our bicycles. There was no place to pedal on other than Highway 1 where the two-way, two-lane road was narrow, winding, and had very little or no shoulder. To avoid tourists, the locals would drive on the side roads which we didn't want to ride on either because it was just as dangerous. Even though there were quite a few bicyclists on Highway 1 (with touring bags), we decided it wasn't worth the risk of losing our lives to do the same.

After we came back from our trip, John and I took a short bike ride to this quiet area.
There were wild horses at the end of the road!
Hardly any cars to speak of. Now THIS is more my to breathe and hardly any cars around where we can pedal safely.  I like the above photo above where you can see part of downtown Reno on the horizon. Not as pretty of a skyline as Vegas but still neat to see.
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JoeinVegas said...

Curvy US 1 is not the place for bikes, even though they try. It would be nice if they closed stretches down periodically for bikes. Glad you found something close to home.

Daly said...

The singer Cher gets pretty livid at bicyclists, LOL. As I'm sure other people do.

I imagine that people ride their bikes the same way they drive. They are either considerate and aware or rude and oblivious to cars and others around them. The sad thing is they give cyclists a bad reputation where bad drivers...that is just a given and accepted out there.

As for Highway 1. There's just no room for both bikes and cars. It's too dangerous for cars to pass cyclists around blind turns and there are lots of that. That's why we didn't ride. It would be too dangerous for us as cyclists and also puts the drivers at risks.

I think they closed it down for Levi Leipheimer's Grand Fondo that Sunday but not on a regular basis.