Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If I only had such a thing...decision making might be much easier.
Without such a fairytale gadget, I did the best that I could given that I really wanted a camera with interchangeable lens and has the image quality that is close to a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera but a compact size of a point-and-shoot, the camera needed to fit within a budget and the inventory had to be on-hand (there's a part of me that hates shopping).  I couldn't wait for the release of the Canon EOS M and the Sony NEX-7 was priced a little steeper than I'd like to part with so I went home with the Sony NEX-5. 

It came with the 18mm - 55mm lens and flash accessory.  Bundled with the 55mm to 210mm zoom lens, the package was less than if I paid separately for the extra lens.  Since then, John got me a 16mm (pancake) fixed focal length lens and case to keep everything together.
Naturally John was my first willing subject...then Elgy and Havi.
The cats do not like the AF (auto focus) assist light and there were many shots where they turned away from the camera but eventually they gave in and became the subjects of my photos.
I am VERY pleased with the camera's ability to capture photos in low light settings (all of these photos were taken using existing light and no flash). No more blurry photos during the coming holidays and precious moments!!  On the down side, the menu and manual controls is very limited for manual/shutter-priority/aperture-priority and power shooting modes.  Still, the camera will stitch  panorama in a cinch, shoots HDR and decent videos, and is much lighter and less to carry.  Overall, this beats my Nikon D60 which I still have so I must admit I will probably use the Sony more often.  Stay tuned...there will be LOTS of photos coming soon!
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JoeinVegas said...

The lenses still make it too big for a pocket. But 210mm should get you pretty close to things.