Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Last week I picked up a wind up toy for our cats.  It's a ghost and the eyes sweep back and forth, back and forth as it scurries across the room.
Ghost wind up toy 
I remember my Dad brought home a toy like it once.  It was a wind up blue police officer hat that would travel along, spin around in a circle, and pop up to reveal the face of a policeman that was tucked inside the hat.
This Halloween creeped up on us.  I have a costume but tonight, we stayed home.  We bought candy but not one trick-or-treater knocked on our door (no doubt because we didn't get a chance to decorate).  Next year we would like to catch the Zombie Crawl which we missed this weekend because we were out of town.  I had heard it was one of the biggest event and bar crawls in downtown Reno.

Speaking of zombies, I've always liked the living dead though oddly enough I am a baby about watching scary movies even in daylight.  I remember playing (and conquering) the game, Resident Evil when it was first out on PlayStation long before its adaptation into the film series.   Now John and I like watching the t.v. series, Walking Dead.  It's addicting, LOL.  Have you seen any of the episodes from Season 1, 2, and/or 3 and do you like it?
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JoeinVegas said...

Do you have to dress as a zombie to join the crawl, or will any costume do?
Watched season 1 & 2, but it started getting boring staying at the farm. Caught some of the new ones but not as exciting as the first year was.
We had one group of 6 kids, about typical for amount of candy given out (more left over for me)

Daly said...

You know Joe, I'm not sure if you have to dress as a zombie to join the crawl. I would've liked to be there to see for myself.

The farm was quite boring...I'm trying to remember it starts getting better after a few episodes before they leave the farm.

At least you got trick-or-treater!! Like you, John was happy to have the leftovers (and now he complains that his cyclist frame is carrying extra weight, LOL).