Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rumble in Reno

One of the largest motorcycle gatherings on west coast (called Street Vibrations) was in town this past week. While I was downtown idling on my scooter at a stoplight, I was invited to participate in some street racing. Of course I said, "Heck yeah!" Little did they know my 49cc scooter could go from 0 to 35 m.p.h. in 15 minutes! Yet I had no problems smoking the guy and his "old woman" in a friendly game of racing ;-)

In all seriousness, I wish I had a good camera on me to capture what I had seen throughout the city. Thousands of bikes parked on streets that had been blocked off all over downtown. The sound of motorcycle engines rumbling everywhere, and riders cruising on their iron horses passing me by. It was neat to be around and see the events celebrating Street Vibrations throughout the city. And the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
My new Bell Custom 500 helmet with a bubble face shield
It's amazing how time flies. If I didn't take photos I wouldn't have evidence that I actually did some things. Nothing too exciting to share. John and I rode our bikes around some neighborhoods one weekend to look at some neighborhoods, house hunting. One day we pedaled to a cafe called Homage Bakery for coffee and pastries along a street that underwent a "road diet" and was once the center of some heated arguments at public meetings.
One day for lunch, I met John for tea on my scooter.
The surface street is a one mile stretch through a residential neighborhood but was used heavily by commuters to get across town. A lane reduction was needed in order to make room for sidewalks and bike lanes so that the street would be safer for the surrounding residents that it served. Some commuters were up in arms about the change when it first was proposed but I've ridden on the street for a couple weeks now and there was no backed up traffic to speak of. No carmageddon. Instead there was room and access for all modes of transportion and ultimately, the change will make it safer for drivers, cyclists, runners, pedestrians, and those who need handicap access.
One of the reasons I like living in Reno is having safe streets to able to ride my scooter or bicycle to work and to be able to run or ride on the same streets for fun on the weekends.
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