Monday, September 10, 2012

Fruit of My Labor

The radishes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs I tried to plant this year didn't work out but my tomatoes did.  Since there was only a handful of grape tomatoes that were ripe enough to eat, I had to make the most of it.  I made this Caprese Salad using oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and balsamic reduction from the glaze of the grilled peach recipe.
Home garden grape tomatoes turned caprese salad.
The rest of the tomatoes on the plant are still green.  They seem struggle developing into mature ones. Not sure what I am missing...

The grilled peach with glaze and feta (substituted for bleu cheese since I didn't have any in stock) was from a recipe I found on the Internet. It was good and I cut up the rest to put in a salad the next day.
The girls are doing great.  They love looking out the windows which is where much of their time is spent if they're not napping.
I like looking at the girls when they're perching at the windows. I admire that they can find such simple pleasure from looking outdoors.  Well there is so much to see and it is beautiful out there so I don't blame them for doing so.
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JoeinVegas said...

A Caprese tower, neat, the ones I make are usually rather flat.

Daly said...

I used toothpicks! The little tomatoes are from the garden and they're fastened on slices of large tomatoes from the market with toothpicks.