Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to School

This is a mish mash of days, I honestly cannot recall exactly when these photos were taken but it was sometime in the last two weeks.

I remember John picking me up for lunch on a few work days.  We went to lunch at Niko's Greek Kitchen for one of the times.  Except for the weekends, lunch is something we didn't get to have together often but we are now making it a point to join each other and spend quality time together. 
We broke out of our shell and went to a backyard gathering of folks we barely knew (some we've never met).  The highlight of our dinner was chicken pot pie and chocolate cake - both cooked in dutch ovens!! What a fun night we had and we enjoyed every moment chatting with everyone we met.
We tried several new places we've been meaning to visit including Vintage, A Wine Shop for antipasto and wine tasting, the Reno River Room (part of the Wild River Grille) but with more ambiance where John had probably the best filet mignon he's ever had, and the Daily Bagel, we think they have the best breakfast bagel sandwiches.  We've visited a couple Mexican restaurants (Beto's Mexican Food which is a great casual place to go for authentic Mexican food - they're not afraid to make things SPICY and Murrieta's Restaurant and Cantina which has a nice sit-down atmosphere, it's clean, intimate, has awesome staff and strong drinks) and my favorite dish to try is menudo.
My 2013 Honda Metropolitan Scooter (NCH50)
I have logged nearly 600 miles on my Honda Metropolitan scooter but have only shelled out $15 since!  The truck...on the other hand, has taken up out entire fuel budget, LOL.  Oh well, we've been traveling quite a bit showing family around town and going to John's bike races.
The BBQ Rib Cook Off is in town.  John picked me up for lunch this past Friday.  We had no idea this was such a big event.  There was quite a crowd but it was only the beginning.
School is back in session.  I can't help but feel that summer is over.  This time, the pang I'd feel in my stomach was for myself.  I decided to pursue a MSIS (Masters in Information System) so I'm taking a class this semester and a couple other classes including swimming.  Hard to believe that I don't know how to swim after all those years spent on the lakes.
Elgy and I sporting my new Betabrand backpack
I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying your Labor Day!!  This is all for now and I will try to write more often.


JoeinVegas said...

Is the swimming applicable to the MSIS? How many credits per mile?
(at least it relaxes you)

Daly said...

Hi Joe :-) No the swimming doesn't apply to the MSIS program(at least I don't think so but you bring up a good point--it may count as an elective!). At the end of the swimming class, I will have to swim a one-mile time trial. I am already freaking out. Swimming, is something I do not enjoy and of course that only makes it harder to relax. I feel like I am at war with the water - struggling to free my legs and arms of its grasp yet I have to work with it to get to the other end of the pool. It's like swimming in molasses! The leg cramps and toe cramps are something I need to figure out too.

But I NEED to learn how to swim because I would like to try stand up paddleboarding next summer and I would rather not rely solely on a life vest while standing on a 11-foot plank in the middle of a vast body of water to keep me afloat. If my board fails or my vest fails or I need to save someone (most likely me) - I need to know I can swim and not sink. Thank you for your encouragement though. I will try to keep my thoughts positive. I can swim...I can swim...