Monday, September 03, 2012

August Rush

I am sorry I haven't written in a while.  August came and went and I just didn't have a whole lot of time to write.

Where should I begin?  My lovely nephew and sister came to visit for the better part of August.  I remember the evenings preparing home cooked meals as my sister is a great cook of authentic Lao food.  She made dishes I haven't tasted in years.

We went for a stroll around the neighborhood to get out and enjoy the warm evening air.  I've embedded several photo slides which will require Adobe Flash Player to view.
The first few weeks of August in Reno was very warm, especially from my nephew who lives in the northwest. We grilled food outside to keep from heating up the house.
One of the days we went to lunch at Midtown Eats, visited the University of Nevada campus and then browsed a personal art collection at Wilbur D. Mays Museum.
We also went to Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe where the Vikingsholm Castle stands overlooking Fannette Island. Afterwards we went to Chimney Beach to enjoy the water.

One of the weekends John had a bike race up Kingsbury grade, one of the roads leading in to Lake Tahoe. The race course is about 2550 feet of elevation gain over 8 miles with a 6.1% average grade = not fun for me. I drove to the top to take photos of the finishers. There's also a video on Youtube:
John finished fourth in his category. Afterwards we went riding on our bike and on the way back to Reno, stopped for lunch at the Lake Tahoe Ridge Winery.  If you every pass through Minden, NV stop here - we highly recommend.  What a surprise that was.  Inside was a BEAUTIFUL gift shop where you can taste a variety of olive oils and wines.  There's a nice bar and seating for the restaurant. John and I sat in an atrium and ordered the steak sandwich (for him) and a crawdad and calamari sandwich (for me). Yum-yum!!

Then we took our nephew to Lake Washoe (he LOVES to be outside, especially by the water) but the lake was a little murky for us to swim in (because it is fed from underneath)and as late as it was in the day, we didn't think it was worth the drive to Lake Tahoe (it's tough to find parking over the weekend) so we found a place by the Truckee River and were entertained by the crawdads we found.
On a couple occasions we went to Wild Island Family Adventure Park. The first time to the water park and another time to race Indy Cars.
The last day that my sister and nephew visited Reno, John had a bike race in Loomis, CA so we drove out early in the morning where they met us in time to see John's solo finish in the race. I am so proud of him!
In one season, John upgraded from a Category 4 to a 3 and with this race, a Cat 2.
Then we parted ways and John and I went to lunch at (I cannot recall the name of the restaurant) but it's located inside the grounds of a nursery.
John and I got to be aunt and uncles for three weeks.  He took our nephew to see hot rod cars at Hot August Nights and after work I would play badminton with him on the golf course.  Other days his mom would take him to cool off in the Truckee River which flowed through downtown Reno or to the Discovery Museum.

I can't say all aspects of it has been easy but it was sure nice to have some quality time to spend with family during the summer.  I will miss 'em but I look forward to next year when we'll hopefully have a chance to see each other again.

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