Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visit to Elko, NV - Day 1

The hardest part about leaving Las Vegas was moving away from our dear friends and family.  When we learned that John's dad would be in Northern Nevada for a tooling class, we seized the opportunity to have a family get-together in the most unlikely place--Elko, NV.

I didn't think we could find enough things to do in the old ranch and mining town but as it turned out, we barely had time to cross some things off our list by the time we left town.  We didn't have enough time to check out everything we wanted.  Well...there's never enough hours in the day when you are spending it with family.

While we were there this weekend we ate at several great places, visited museums and historical interests, and John and I got to ride our bikes up Lamoille Canyon through the scenic Ruby Mountains outside of Elko.

It was a full weekend and we had so much fun!!

The drive was easy...and scenic actually.  It took us four hours due to the 75 m.p.h. speed zone on a good stretch of the Interstate 80.  The terrain changed from grass and brushes to rolling hills with billowing clouds on a canvas of blue skies.
Once in Elko, we checked in to our hotel where John's parents were also staying.  His dad was in class so we went to lunch with Mom.  She had visited a place before where they had really good sandwiches and oddly enough, inside a donut shop called Donuts n More.  The sandwiches were good; made bread freshly baked in-house but for $8.00 a sandwich a la carte, one would expect a little more meat than a few slices. Lunch was still nice because it was with two of my favorite people!
After our meal, we walked along Commercial Street and stopped by a Weigand Gallery.  Admissions was very reasonable, $5/person and we took our time browsing the collections of leather artwork -- boots, saddles, Western wear, and ooh -- of course, a purse!
Then we walked along the street past some shops we might try another day. 
I had heard about a huge stuffed polar bear and here it is!!  The "Legendary White King" measured in at 10 feet 4 inches and estimated live weight is 2,000 pounds.  I was so glad to have witnessed it in person...safely from outside the glass case and that it was in no longer alive. 
Back at the hotel, Mom and I caught up on our lives while John went riding on his bike to get in his training.  When John's dad was out of class, we went to dinner at Machi's Saloon & Grill.  Inside the cozy restaurant, the place was packed.  They were unusually busy that night (we were told) but the staff did a great job even though it took us a while after we were seated to get our drinks.  Good thing Dad urged us to make a reservation or we would have been standing at the bar for a long time.
Dad always gets spaghetti (we tease him about it) and although I didn't get to taste it, I tried John's pasta dish and it was delicious -- nice and hot.  Mom and I ordered the Friday special - Paella.  Maybe my taste has changed but I thought it was somewhat dry and salty.  However, there was plenty of food with the house salad (yummy) and ciabatta rolls which accompanied any entree.  My dirty martini was tasty!  Of course, nothing was better than sharing the evening with family.
It was a fabulous day and wonderful evening!!  We were so happy to see Mom and Dad after so long.  The next day would be another day we would get to spend together.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

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JoeinVegas said...

I've never heard of Elko being a really swinging town, but then compared to Vegas I don't think there is another city in Nevada that measures up.
At least you did find the hot spots.