Monday, July 16, 2012

Time on Lake Tahoe and Pie-Face Pizza

John and I finally had a chance to soak in some sun and do absolutely nothing on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe on Sunday.
We live about 20 minutes' drive away from the lake so why we haven't visited the area all that much is a wonder to us.  This road is Mount Rose Highway, where John likes to ride his bike so he can climb thousands of feet in elevation.  The summit is 8,900 feet and is the highest Sierra pass open all year round.
The beach we first visited was Secret Cove (look it up in a search engine).  It is a beautiful, secluded cove where clothing is optional but we did not plan to lounge there that day so we continued along the route to Boaters Beach.
It's quite a trek to get that beach and knowing that, we packed accordingly.  You either come in by water (thus the name) or you hike up the windy path and climb over some boulders before you can get to Boaters Beach.  But it was worth it because it wasn't overcrowded and littered with trash like Zephyr Cove is.  We met some nice folks and after a few hours,  made our way back to a cluster of boulders between Boaters Beach and Secret Cove which has a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Tahoe.
There, on a big flat boulder pictured at the bottom of this photo, we laid out our towels and sat for a few more hours soaking in the scenery.  The water is cool and refreshing; I actually swam in it a few times when we were at Boaters Beach...or should I say doggy paddled because I cannot swim very well.
Far away, you can see some naturists and others folks lounging on the rocks but no one was remotely close to us.  It was nice just to sit there...just the two of us.  The temperature was warm, the water serene, and all around was quiet except the sounds of the water splashing against the boulders on which we sat.
And since no one was around, I changed my suit to something that I can tan in.  I had worn the triangle back pink zebra suit from Malibu Strings at Boaters Beach and already had tan lines from the few hours I spent in it.
Then it was time for us to leave.  With one last glance at the cove the sun would soon set.  Since it was Sunday, we just wanted to be at home where we could spend the rest of our day together with our cats.
Of course after a relaxing day, we didn't want to cook so John and I went to downtown Reno and ate dinner at Pie-Face Pizza Company.
We shared a signature salad which was delicious. The wings had the best sauce on them; it has won some awards so if you go there, you must try them! The pizza is the White Boy which is white garlic sauce with roasted chicken, sweet basil, asparagus, red onions, and dried tomatoes.
It was a nice weekend filled with food, fun, family, and friends. I know I sound like a broken record but to me, that's what life is all about!
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Anonymous said...

Glad you had the chance to break out the MS! Michelle and I are planning a trip to Gunnison Beach so she can have tan lines that match yours....LoL!

- Mark

JoeinVegas said...

I was so missing your bikini shots from Vegas when you moved. Still looking good, thanks.

Anonymous said...

at last saw some pics of MS of you in 2012 :)

Daly said...

@Mark: did you already take your trip? I'm dying to hear!

@Joe: thanks Joe. We went to Tahoe again on Sunday and I am TAN now, LOL.

@Anonymous: there are not many places where I can wear MS in Reno/Lake Tahoe. Unlike Vegas there are no pool parties here.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of you are very sexy.

Scott said...

D, have bought six MS suits for my very attractive wife and although she looks amazing in them, she just cant find the confidence like you have around pools or on the beach. I don't want her to feel bad, just wishing she was comfortable and confident like you. Is there a magic potion? Scott