Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reno Food Trucks

Food trucks have been around for some time and here in Reno, there are two major events: Food Truck Fridays and Reno Street Food. There's drama surrounding the two groups. Supposedly Food Truck Fridays was the original event in downtown Reno, held on the first Friday of the month. I wasn't there for the opening this year but it must have been quite a success. Perhaps the crowds and long lines waiting for food spurred the announcement of another food truck event put on by a group called Reno Street Food to be held on the other Fridays of each month.

We had the chance to go to the Reno Street Food in June (see post listed in June under Blog Archive) which was held at Idlewild Park so we wanted to check out the Food Truck Fridays this past July 6th.
This particular Food Truck Fridays was held in the parking lot of the Sands Regency Casino. All the trucks (mostly caterers) were parked on the perimeter of the parking lot and the vendors were in the middle. There were tables and chairs set up for seating.
It must've been the hot day because it sure felt like we were in Vegas again as we stood on the hot asphalt waiting to order our food. And then as we stood around and waited for our food, the sun reflection of the casino buildings beamed brightly down on us.  I was trying to stay cool but couldn't help but feel like I was baking -- no broiling in an oven!
John grabbed some food from one of the food trucks, Tortas Ebenezer.
I went for tacos from Kenji's Food Truck.
The food trucks are there from 5pm to 9pm and we were lucky that we arrived early to because it wasn't crowded at all.
I ordered one of each taco to sample: chicken, tofu, beef, and shredded pork.  The prices were reasonable from what I can remember...$1.50 per taco.  Both John, a friend who also ordered some tacos, and I thought they were good but too salty.
We found some shade under a tree and ate our food before going home. I am glad we had the chance to check out this food truck event but would I go back to it? No. I think once was enough.

We both liked Reno Street Food better (although some people might like the industrial, downtown feel of Food Truck Fridays better). The venue at Idlewild Park made it a little more family friendly. It's cooler and there are plenty of places to sit. It felt like one big family barbeque and we'll probably go to Reno Street Food again.
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Chante said...

For the love of God, the food is making drool!

Love looking @ pix of food. Keep it comin'!

Big Sis

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