Monday, July 16, 2012

Lincoln Lounge and show at The Studio

Since we moved to Reno, it's seldom that John and I "go out" in the evening except to dinner or an even more rare occasion, to the movies.  That's not because of the lack of a night life in this Biggest Little City in World (there's plenty to see and do) but we're just not late night folks.

Then some friends invited us to see a show on Saturday, Lucas Young and the Wilderness with Victor and Penny so we said, "Sure!"
Since the show was on Fourth Street at the Studio, we met our friends at the Lincoln Lounge and swung in for a cocktail. 
It's a very cute watering hole, dimly lit and not much bigger than a living room, you can get cozy on the antique chairs if you didn't want to sit at the bar.
The bartender poured a nameless cocktail until it was nicknamed, "The Dimple" by our friend's wife.
There's also a large outdoor patio where the social event, Bikes and Brews is held the last Thursdays of the summer months.
Thirst quenched we walked down the street to the show.  I must say the performance was fantastic and entertaining. We enjoyed the entire show and evening...and in bed by 11:30 p.m.  A late night for us but well worth it to share it with friends.
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What a cute dress!