Sunday, July 29, 2012

If Life Was a Highway

In celebration of the six lane Interstate 580 soon to open, the community was invited to walk, ride, run, or drive (slowly) on the newly paved freeway. My husband and I rode to Washoe Valley from home to the Galena Creek Bridge and back. 

There were tons of people on foot, running or walking, and others on some sort of wheeled mode of transportation (bicycle, unicycle, and even a multi-passenger pedal wagon with a beer tap so they can enjoy some brew during the ride).

On our way home we stopped for breakfast at Truckee Bagel Company and later, had lunch at Pinocchio's Bar and Grill.
Some sort of pedal wagon. The people on it enjoyed beer on tap while pedaling their way along the I-580.
Find more information at the I-580 project here:
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JoeinVegas said...

The RJ had a big article about the road, mainly complaints that the money went there and not down in Vegas.
It looks like an awesome ride.

Daly said...

@Joe, that's right...I skimmed through the article you referenced and read the comments. All I know is US-395 known in town as North and South Virginia Street which runs by the University of Nevada Reno through Reno. At one point the Old US-395 detours off of it. John and other bicyclists ride on that road; it's a vein for rural access to the farmers and businesses who live and work out there. The cross streets makes it dangerous for traffic who has the right of way and those drivers needing to cross it. I'm happy about the bypass and am glad to have had the chance to step foot on it. After August 1st, it will be restricted to motor vehicles and illegal for foot or bicycle traffic so the experience was really neat--once in a lifetime!