Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Visit to Carson City, NV

Over the weekend I rode 30 miles on Saturday from home to Verdi and back.  Part of the way there, I stopped to have coffee at Walden's Coffeehouse where I met another rider named Luigi (John rode with me from home to the cafe and met up with his team for a training ride).  Luigi had lost sight of the group he started out riding with so I asked if I could join him for the rest of his ride since I didn't know my way around town very well.  We rode together until I was close to home and then we caught up with his group where we parted ways.  That's the neat thing about cycling--you can meet complete strangers and cruise with them.

Then on Sunday, John and I took our bikes to some beautiful country roads outside Minden, NV to ride.
At the elevation of about 4,700 feet above sea level, we rode together for a loop past creeks and lovely meadows.
After 30 miles I stopped while he finished up a couple more loops for training.
On our way home we drove through the historic part of Carson City, its establishment as Nevada's capital we celebrate as a state holiday at the end of October. 
There have been many movies partly filmed there including Honkytonk Man, Pink Cadillac, and Misery. The Carson City website has more on this list.
We parked on the street near one of the many historic points of interest and ate lunch at Firkin & Fox.
Great patio dining and the nearby shops and restaurants are so cute!
Original Firkin Burger with jack cheese melted on bacon and caramelized bourbon chipotle onions with a side of sweet potato fries.
John had the Black & Blue Burger; a thick meat pattie crusted with black peppercorns with Blue Cheese.
Great lunch and awesome day!  We'll definitely visit again so we can check out other parts of Carson City.
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Keith serxner said...

Next time you are in that area, ride through Genoa. There are a couple of great little cafes, and the park has nice restrooms. Jack's Valley road is very cycle
friendly. Of course,it intersects the Kingsbury Grade if you want to suffer some. Enjoy your rides!
Keith Serxner, (Genoa)

Daly said...

Thanks Keith!! I looked it up on Google Maps > Street View and it looks like a very nice road to ride. There's lots of great roads to ride out there. I will have to try Jack's Valley Road next time. Thanks for the suggestion!! As for Kingsbury Grade...we'll see how brave I am when I get there, LOL.