Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sugar, Sugar

I think John knows by now not to make bets with me because if I accept, I would surely win (I don't agree to bets where I have less than a 97% chance of winning because I'm a low risk person). While we were at breakfast on Saturday, this song played over the speakers of the restaurant and I hear the words of the song, "Sugar, Sugar...oh honey, honey." Of course John recognized the artist instantly and challenges me, "If you can guess the name of the band, I'll give you a thousand dollars or sell a set of my wheels and give you the money."

Seeing that the wheels I desired were on the time trial bike he rode on to the Squeeze In restaurant where we were having breakfast and I had NOTHING to lose in this bet, I accepted his proposal. To his surprise, I guessed the name of the band correctly.  Of course, he was able to keep his wheels so we could at least ride our bicycles home afterwards.
Then we decided to check out the farmer's market down the street. We picked up some sweet cherries, fresh asparagus, and I can't remember but we were probably the merchant's best customers in the three minutes that we were there. Also picked up a three pound loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread with cheddar cheese crust.
Then made dinner with our bounty.
One of our favorite meals, eggs over easy fried with garlic and finished with soy sauce on sourdough toast with a side of roasted asparagus with sea salt and cracked pepper.
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Unknown said...

Oh my that meal looks WONDERFUL! I am a breakfast person, and that one I must try, looks healthy and tasty.

Daly said...

Thank you. It's definitely tasty and quick to make.