Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sailing on Lake Tahoe

John doesn't like to celebrate his birthday so unless I make plans, he's perfectly happy with letting the special day slip by.  This year I made him a pick-your-own-adventure birthday card, which he enjoyed opening, and little doors and windows revealed how we would celebrate the big day.

Sunday following my Reno-Tahoe Odyssey relay run adventure, we drove to south Lake Tahoe where the Brook's Bar & Deck sits on the edge of the water as part of the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.  Twenty years have passed since John stepped foot on the shores of Lake Tahoe and I have seen its clear blue waters twice (briefly after my job interview in October and the second time was during the relay run but my team and I passed on the road after dark and I can hardly count that) so both of us looked forward this visit.
At Brooks' Bar & Deck, we ordered a mojito and mai tai (thumbs up to the bartender for not loading them with too much syrup) and fried calamari with tempura green beans and artichoke hearts to start.

For supper John ordered the fish and chips with garlic fries - both cooked to a crisp with a perfect golden finish.  I ordered a Summer Breeze salad (but added seared Ahi) which was spinach, arugula, papaya, grilled pears, strawberries, quinoa, and goat cheese with a champagne vinaigrette. Sounds like an elaborate salad but I will never know because John's meal came before mine and 15 minutes later my dinner was no where to be seen so it was a good idea I insisted on John eating before his food cooled off.

Our original waitress was no where to be seen (there must have been a shift change) and we asked our new waitress to check on the order and cancel it if it had not yet been prepared.  Apparently there was a glitch in the staff communication and for whatever reason, I never got to taste the salad.  We finished John's plate and were both full when the waitress brought the salad out to us asking if I still wanted it.  I appreciated the gesture but considering the mistake wasn't ours, I wasn't going to scarf down a $25 salad for the sake of eating it ($13 for the salad, $12 to add the ahi).  Unfortunately, John and I were already done with our food and ready to leave.  It wasn't our new waitresses fault even though she apologized several times; we let her know our meal has been a pleasure and secretly hoped next time things will run more smoothly.
Sitting on Zephyr Cove
Not letting that minor glitch ruin our experience, we continued on our way driving along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe in search of dessert before heading to the dock.  After we finished our ice cream and checked in with at the registration desk for our excursion, there was still time to play so we walked along the sandy beach of Zephyr Cove and sat for a while looking onto the calm blue waters of the lake.

When it came time to board the Woodwind II, a 50' catamaran sailboat there were about 15 other folks joining us for the trip.  We took a seat on some extra large pillows on the front deck and enjoyed the ride.  The crew was a joy to sail with, very accommodating and they kept the champagne flowing.  Over yonder, the sun started to set and the night was cool.  It would have been too cold if the crew didn't bring out blankets to keep us toasty.  We drifted for a while before the sails were turned and the wind blew us back to shore under the light of the oversized moon.

I'm glad John was a willing participant this year for he had a lovely birthday celebration!

These are photos from celebrating John's birthday at Lake Tahoe:

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