Thursday, June 28, 2012

More fun on two wheels and other exciting news

This week just flew by, like The Sands of Time (if you follow the link, there's an interesting article in the Healthy Beginnings magazine written by local psychologist Dr. Drymalski which talks about time).

During lunch one day, I rode my road bicycle through downtown Reno along the Truckee River, past Idlewild Park to Crissie Cauglin Park and back to work.  It was a BEAUTIFUL and a peaceful getaway ride for nearly 9 miles.
It has been months, I mean since December since scissors collided with my hair so I went to see a stylist at Crush Salon to have the sun bleached part of my hair snipped off...about 5 inches or so.  The length is just beneath my collar bone and you can't really tell in this photo because my hair is so dark but it is layered.  This particular morning, I couldn't find my big round brush to style it so I used a curling iron which left it curlier than usual.
One evening I took my project bike for a spin to the ATM machine, a local coffee shop, and to a little park by our home that overlooks the golf course.  I sat there and soaked in the fresh air of summer.  I could have taken a nap there, LOL!!
Wednesday evening we finally picked up my 2013 Honda Metropolitan Scooter!!  I had my hair appointment the day before and waiting to pick it up was excruciating.  Especially since I have been waiting SO long for its release and now, the first Pearl White model in Nevada is mine.  I have ridden it around the neighborhood, to the dentist, and to the office for the past couple days so I will share my review with you soon.
My new toy - the 2013 Honda Metropolitan Scooter
John and I took it for a spin down the ways to eat dinner. He rode my project bike and I rode the scooter.
So we first went to this place we've been meaning to try called Simon's Cafe & Lounge on Lakeside Drive. It has a nice covered patio and a water fountain feature but after waiting 10 or 15 minutes with the menu the bus boy gave to us and no acknowledgement or water while we wait, we got up and left to eat at another place in the same center.  It wasn't as if we were in a hurry but if the service is indicative of how the rest of our meal will go, we'd rather take our business elsewhere.  Perhaps they were short staffed or whatever so maybe we'll try again another night.

And boy were we glad we supported a small local business that just opened a few months ago called A Taste of New York, a small Italian restaurant that also has a food truck.  John ordered the Chicken Parmesan Hero sandwich and I ordered the Meatball and Ricotta Calzone.  While we waited, the owner gave us a complementary appetizer of cheese bread and marinara sauce.  Mind you, it was not watery bland marinara sauce but a thick and tasty hot (warm) meat marinara sauce and it was GOOD.  Both the bread and sauce.  They also had a couple of wine glasses for us to use (we purchased a bottle from the Vintage Wine Shop in the same area.  By the way, that is a really neat wine shop and the only place in Reno with a tasting machine so you can try the wine before you buy.)
On the patio of A Taste of New York
What could be better than a perfect summer evening outdoors on the patio drinking wine and enjoying the best Italian food in Reno?  The bread, the sauce, the homemade meatball and ricotta in the calzone, and marinara sauce was oh so delicious -- it was YUM-YUM!!  We will definitely go back for A Taste of New York!!
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