Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday

On the way to work, I got a flat tire and was just a few blocks away. While I was changing the flat, an elderly man stopped by. He was on the way to a casino to follow-up on an employment application he turned in. It was also his birthday.
He said it was very hard to find a job in this market, which made me very grateful my employer is understanding of delays like I had this morning.
His name was Robert and he had just turned 65 years old. He didn't need a job, he's collecting pension, but was too bored to stay home. As I completed the tube change on my bike I told him, good for him for staying active and busy and wished him a happy birthday.
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Anonymous said...

We are so blessed you have such a great job that you love! Not only that, it's in such a great place.

Daly said...

I thank Him almost every day for all that he gives us underneath the stars and it is those things that make us truly wealthy.