Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun with Two Wheels

Over the weekend we picked up this old bike from a yard sale where this guy sells restored bikes. Most of the bikes for sale were ready to ride and then there were some bike frames and this one lonely "project" bike leaning against a tree.  All it really needed was a saddle, new tubes, and some grease to be rideable.  We handed the guy $25 and loaded it into the trunk of our car.
Since then John put a bell and an old leather Brooks saddle on it.  After he pumped up the tires he and I took turns taking it for a spin around the neighborhood.  What fun!!
All that's left to do is a good wash and it could use a chain guard so I don't get the legs of my pants greasy or caught in the chain.  Maybe a basket in the front too.  John is going to buff the chrome parts and my Serrano will go with me to the coffee shops, market, and office!

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Dolly said...

What a cute find. That's pretty neat that you were able to see the potential in the fixer upper and really cool that you now have a "spare" bike for just riding around town.