Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wine Walk at the Reno Riverwalk District

I went for a nice run through the neighborhood on Saturday morning for just over six miles. I know I sound like a broken record when I say the weather was just perfect to be outside but it was.  Sunny with clear skies but cool enough so to finish my run without burning up (I don't carry water).  There's still snow atop Mount Rose (you can see it in this picture as I neared home).  Having lived in places where a marine layer would cloud the mornings or it would be 100 degrees by 9 a.m., I don't take nice days for granted -- no matter where I may be!
Then John and I met a friend to participate in the Wine Walk at the Reno Riverwalk District.  It's a charity event held every third Saturday of the month.  This particular month was to benefit the Truckee Meadows Habitat for Humanity. 
How it works is we visit any participating merchant to purchase a wine glass (some merchants have incentives such as a free shot at the bar or a wine glass charm like the ones we picked up from Reno eNVy which I think is so cool!).  We got a commemorative glass and a map to keep.  The ID bracelet placed on our wrists allowed us to visit any participating merchant on the map to sample wine.
We walked in to an art gallery, salon, candy shop, several bars, restaurants, and clothing boutiques in the downtown Reno area for wine tasting.  Each place we stopped at gave us the opportunity to see what it's like inside and now John and I have a list of restaurants we'd like to try and stores to revisit.
At the end of the wine walk, a raffle was held to give away prizes generously donated by the participating merchants.  Talk about a crowd of people, LOL -- it was SO MUCH FUN!!  We were quite famished so we settled down at a restaurant we've never tried before called Bowl.  It's a small restaurant where you order the food at the counter and help yourself to lemon water or condiments. The seating area opens up to the streets and their menu changes regularly because they try to serve fresh, quality food. 
John ordered the duck confit, wild mushrooms, greens, and polenta ($16) and I ordered the barramundi fish, lentil salad, grilled asparagus, prosciutto, and tapanade ($15). It seems like an overpriced bowl of food for a self-serve restaurant but both of us could not stop raving about how good our meals were! We finished both of our bowls and would definitely go back there again. Yum-yum!! Seriously.

I have way too many photos to share so I hope you enjoy the slideshow:

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