Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quality Day

I love days when things run smoothly and its productive.  Most weeks are like that.  I think this particular was extra special because it started out with a bike ride to the office with John.  Traffic was very minimal, the weather was perfect, and no one tried to smoke us out with the exhaust of their diesel truck.  Upon arrival on campus, we had plenty of time to sit down for coffee and pastries before I needed to head up to the office.

Commuting by bicycle is actually faster for me than driving, parking downtown, and walking the remaining .75 miles.  I clocked one hour in the saddle today; more of a workout than walking and the fresh air sure beats pounding the treadmill indoors at the gym (don't get me wrong, I still love running).  The best part is I get quality time with John during our rides to campus and today, he rode back to my office at the end of the day to pedal with me home.
Lunch from the GourMelt Grilled Cheese Truck
Today also happened to be the day that the GourMelt Grilled Cheese Food Truck was parking on campus (I had just mentioned the food truck in an earlier post).  Because a friend had me thinking about a jalapeño pimento cheese on sourdough grilled sandwich she makes for her family, now was my chance to try the Pepper Popper (which is cheddar cheese, cream cheese, fresh jalapeño peppers on sourdough).  The bacon was added for $2 extra.  Need I tell you that is a winning combination with garlic fries to top it off.  Next time, however, I'm going to pack my own pimento!
Bike to Work Week ride to the office
My work day was also a quality day with a productive meeting and work session, and to make things sweeter I have to share this promising news.  My boss called me in to his office this afternoon.  He wanted to talk about me bringing my bicycle in to the building which is not allowed due to safety reasons and to comply with ADA regulations (I didn't have a bike lock with me last Friday when I first rode to work and believe me, I promptly received a stern but gentle verbal warning from the building custodian.  He understood that the parts on my bike--just the pedals and saddle retail for hundreds of dollars alone, not counting the handlebars, stem, brakes, wheels, and bike frame so he let me keep it with me for the day).  I'd rather ask for forgiveness than risk replacing my bike (and it will have to do because I haven't found a commuter I like yet).

Anyway just when I thought I was in trouble, my boss offered to talk to the right folks about installing a bike locker behind our building!!  I had already looked into renting a bike locker but was put on a waiting list because there are none available and the closest one is several buildings away.  Campus is pretty safe; so many students and faculty ride their bikes around I'm not too concerned about my bike getting stolen but it will be nice to have a locker to keep it out of the outdoor elements all day.
finally what's a post without a report from Havi or Elgy? They enjoyed sunbathing on the windowsill and also had a quality day.
Havi channelling the spring heat to the insulator
John went riding on his bike in between his bike fitting appointments and came upon a miniature donkey (it's back was not any taller than three feet) and it was pals with the lighter colored ostrich you see in the photo.  Then while he was taking photos, the other darker colored ostrich came over to see what was going on.  John was so tickled by their cuteness, he had to share this photo.

I wish this day would last a little longer but all good things must get some rest, right?  Tomorrow is the start of a new day and I can't wait to discover the gifts it brings!


Dolly said...

You never cease to amaze me. I think it's pretty cool that you can fit in excersie on the way to work. I'm trying to spice things up as well. I'm working out at lunch time, but I decided to give swimming a try at night. I'm swimming laps in my pool in the backyard. I don't want to "tri" but, I'm getting bored with the treadmill as well

Daly said...

Hey that's great you're incorporating swimming in to cross-training. Having a pool in your backyard sure makes it convenient and is probably nice this time of the year too! I figured it takes me about the same time to drive, park in the Circus Circus garage, then walk the rest of the way to work as it does just to bike straight in to campus but the difference is, I'm pedaling the entire time on my bike so I'm forced to get in an hour a day. When I got to the gym during lunch, I only get 30 minutes in because the time before and after is changing in and out of my clothes.