Monday, May 07, 2012

Celebrating Our 6th Anniversary

The race weekend in Livermore, CA was all the wedding anniversary celebration I needed.  Seeing John place 2nd in the road race; earning enough points to upgrade to the next category and spending time with a sister I have not seen in years were gifts I couldn't place a price tag on.  Still, John and I had another non-work day to share together and so soon after we returned home from our trip, we were back on the road.  This time a much shorter distance's drive, across the California/Nevada border to Truckee, CA.
We drove through the historic part of town and settled down for breakfast at Squeeze In (we think the restaurant's name came from its small space and you have to do just that -- squeeze in).  This location was the first of three (the other two are in Reno/Sparks) and now we've tried them all.

We liked Truckee.  Not only does the Truckee Meadows River flow through the small town but all of the shops and restaurants in the historic district were really neat.  We'd like to return to Truckee soon to spend more time exploring each one.  Perhaps for the next visit, we'll take a mellow ride on the train for lunch or dinner.
After breakfast, we stopped at the Coffeebar for cappuccinos.  I think this place makes the best I've tasted!

The weather was cool but it was still a pretty day and as much as we'd love to break out a laptop and lounge on the seats of the coffee shop to fit in with everyone, we were more excited about exploring the Boca and Stampede Reservoirs nearby.  For more information, check out the "Truckee River Flows & Storage" link on the Truckee Meadows Water Authority's website.
The reservoirs are nestled between forested regions and there are amenities such as camp grounds, picnic areas, sandy beaches, and boat launches.  John even has road bike races out there.
By then the day was a little too cool for us to lay out in our suits but that didn't stop us from driving to each reservoir and enjoying the scenery, scouting out the location of our next "day at the beach".  
Stampede Reservoir and Stampede Island
When we went home, the sun was out again.  It was much warmer in Reno so we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the bottle of sparkling wine the Squeeze In restaurant gave us for our anniversary.  A daring scrub jay perched on the fence got even a little closer by boldly standing on the patio rails and cocking his head from side to side at me but then flew away after discovering I didn't have any food.  By the way, my cucumber and radish plants are doing well.
After dinner, we stretched our legs with a short walk up the street to the entrance of the golf course. I wanted to show John the view from the top of the golf course since we're more familiar with seeing the grounds from the bottom of the course.
We waited until the golf course was closed so we wouldn't bother anyone in the middle of their game. Everything was still and quiet...well almost quiet.  The marmots were calling to each other on the rocks and as they ate grass, ducks quacking in the ponds, and after the sun sets the frogs start chirping.
This is a view from the back of our house looking up the course.
Lakeridge Golf Course (click image for larger view)
This is a view from the top of the hill where we will walk down and to the right where our house is.
Lakeridge Golf Course (click image for a larger view)

What a wonderful anniversary weekend it was!
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