Friday, May 18, 2012

Bike to Work Day 2012 and Happy Hour at the Stone House

Early Friday morning of the 18th, John and I rode our bikes to meet my co-workers so we could ride to the office as part of Bike to Work Day.
The weather couldn't be more perfect. We rode in to the southern part of campus, past rows and rows of chairs that were set up for commencement on the university's historic Quadrangle. 2,200 degrees were awarded in the two ceremonies that took place on Friday and Saturday, a record-breaking number for our institution.
When we arrived at our destination, we treated ourselves to free coffee offered at Starbucks (one of the many places offering free coffee; some places also give away free bottled water, bananas, and pancakes to bicycle commuters.)
As if bicycling to work wasn't exciting enough, we waited in line for nearly one and half hours to purchase solar viewers from the planetarium on campus so that we could watch the annular eclipse the following Sunday.  The planetarium had already sold 17,000 pairs and Friday's shipment brought in 10,000 more.
There were nearly 100 people before us; the line snaked down the sidewalk and probably 100 more after us.  While waiting in line, the local news interviewed me. Then another news station interviewed me at the checkout line once I finally had several the solar viewers in hand. I just think it's funny that I've been living in Reno for six months and have been in the news on two occasions (the first was for the Caughlin Ranch Fire).
By the end of the day, I was ready to relax and enjoy the start of the weekend. John and I went to one of our favorite places near home for happy hour at the Stone House Cafe. We had fried calamari with lemon aoili (it's a garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce), hot wings, and chicken and vegetable pot stickers.

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