Thursday, April 19, 2012

Western Scrub Jay

Spring is definitely here and I hope it will stay for good.  I've heard it can snow even through June and I believe it.  In one week we had a sunny day and I laid out in my bikini and the next few days, we had a blizzard!

Everywhere flowers and trees are in bloom.  I haven't had a chance to take photos of the magnificent views and have only captured them with my eyes.  I did snap a few shots of this California Western Scrub Jay (click the image for a larger view).
California Western Scrub Jay
Lately the weather has been warm enough for us to open the windows and patio door to let the gentle breeze in.  Havi and Elgy love it because they can hear the sound of birds chirping even better.

As vocal as the birds are, they can hear the snapping from my camera's mechanical shutters over their own chatter so they don't stick around very long.   Except for the quails, they seem to enjoy being photographed.

By the way, I had thought this bird was a Blue Jay, but it's a scrub jay and an entirely different species of birds.  Check out some interesting facts about them by following the links beneath "References".

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